Rule Breaking Librarians! The Bookmobile- Part 3

The Driver 
The Bookmobile driver gets his own post. If you read the last post about my horrible memory about Bookmobiles, (LEARN ABOUT IT HERE) he's got a bad rep, and so I thought I'd make it up to him, because he's stuff of librarian legions.

It was the same driver for my entire Bookmobile experience. Same really cool wild hair, same smile I was petrified to disappoint, same eyes bearing into me like I was a Bookmobile villain. But! for the love of writing, I can't remember the guy's name. It was so simple, too. I tried looking him up, but Google didn't have him listed under my cool bookmobile driver. So if you're out there, please give me a shout! I haven't seen you in at least 15 years!!!!!

Well, regardless, he left an impact on my life. I can still see him sitting there, watching me hunt for books in his neato shirts. At first, I was really scared of him, and I think he was a little afraid to make me cry like that again, so we kept things very silent between us. But, I was very aware of the little extra things he did for me.

This is how I remember him (and as all memories go, might be a little distorted)
  • He let me on the bus before school, which was a big no-no, but really, he was already letting me get away with a card I shouldn't have, so what did he care?
  • It never failed that he'd suddenly have a question for the nun if I needed to make a quick get away with a book she hadn't approved. I know, I was a real bad seed. 
  • My favourite story was the time I asked him to drive to my "not in his jurisdiction" town for the summer. He gave me that doubtful look that told me I was pushing it but didn't say a word. Yet...OH MY GOSH! He did roll through! Funny guy said he was lost.
  • I was granted a limited card that was pretty much unlimited. "Told you, it's three reference books, six novels." Next time, "It's a total of twelve books, any combination."  "I can just add these onto your brother's card, he didn't hit his limit today." Shhh, don't mess with power like that.

I still call him the driver, but he was the librarian of this library on wheels (LEARN ABOUT IT HERE).

He was very very good at his job. 
  • He knew where every book was, and he always had the book(s) I needed, wanted, and would be sure to ask for. 
  • He'd get us excited to read without even getting out of his seat. "Got a new Steven King, but doubt you want to brave that, I was saving it for the older grades..." Of course we would!!! 
  • He'd ask us nonchalant questions about the sci-fi books we brought back. 
  • He'd pay attention to us, watch where we went, what we pulled off the shelves, and how we talked about the books.

Truth be told, every librarian I know has been wonderful at their job! I just love walking into a library and the librarian has a stack of books ready that I might like. Or even better, when they ask me what to order!

But I really wanted to give him his dues since he came off a little shaky in an earlier post and he was a hero who touched my life in a very magical way. So thank you.

Is there a librarian in your life that makes your experience magical? Give them a shout out and tell us why.