Books that Move Us

Twice now, a reader told me that they cried while reading Ghosts on the Prairies. Oddly enough it was a different character that triggered each one and a different plot point each time.
Got me thinking about the last book that moved me to tears. I know I mentioned it once before but I was at the dentist reading Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis and it moved me to tears twice! Once it was tears from laughing (see post here) so blasted hard and the other it was tears of pure joy at the way they greeted the freed slaves.

What made me cry? Well, trying not to laugh in public does that to me, and this kid was fun to read. And of course the tears of joy were from the idea of the freed slaves being so overjoyed-- which I find very emotional to begin with. But overall it was the voice. The way this kid captures the moment... magic!

It is a powerfully written, moving story that had me captivated by a fun voice like no other. I dare you to read it and let me know if it gotcha!

So, what has moved you to tears? Is it characters, voice, or plot that getcha teary?