Paperback Release

It's out in paperback!
Legends say that tens of thousands of years ago, Whisperers were banished from the heavens, torn in half, and dumped on a mortal realm they didn't understand. Longing for their other half, they went from being powerful immortals to lonely leeches relying on humans to survive. Over the years, they earned magic from demons, they left themselves Notebooks with hints, and by pairing up with human souls, they eventually found their other halves. 

Humbled by their experiences, they discovered the true purpose of life and many were worthy of returning to the heavens. But many were not... 

The Dark Chronicles are stories that share the heartache of select unworthy Whisperers on their journey to immortality after The War of 2019. Can't Dream Without You is one of those stories, in which we meet Steve and Julia, two such heroes. 

Steve isn't a normal boy. He plays with demons, his soul travels to a dream realm at night using mystical butterflies, and soon he'll earn the power to raise the dead. Al thinks that destroying him would do the world a favour, yet he just can't kill his own son.Wanting to acquire the power that raises the dead before Steve does, Al performs a ritual on Steve's sixteenth birthday. He transfers Steve's dark magic to Julia, an innocent girl he plans to kill. But Steve is determined to save Julia and sucks her soul to Dreamland. From the dream world, he invokes the help of her brother to keep her safe. 

Five years later, Steve can't tell what's real or what's a nightmare. Julia's brother wants to kill him, a strange bald eagle is erasing memories, and Steve's caught in some bizarre bullfight on another realm with a cop hot on his trail looking to be Julia's hero. All the while, Steve and Julia must fight the desperate need to make their steamy dreams a reality.

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Growing Up

So recently, I found my old report cards. They gave us all a good laugh. But one really jumped out at me. It was my kindergarten report card from the only city school I attended. I don't remember the teacher. I don't remember one kid's name. But! I knew I loved school. So I was curious what the teacher had to say about me, a little quiet student lost in a shuffle of a large city class. Two sentences jumped out:
Tanya has shown a keen interest and enthusiasm in learning. She has developed a special interest in words... and Tanya has shown an interest in our cultural and others. 
I do remember learning about letters and how they made words. It was fascinating. I always loved learning about different places and people, especially my own cultural. Maybe she wrote that on everyone's report cards, but it made me feel at home when I read that.

I don't remember ever reading or seeing that report until now.

Thirty-four years later, I write and I work for a cultural centre. Words and cultural are my world. Isn't it weird that I showed interest in those things that young and it never changed? If you follow the report cards, the only thing that changed was that I grew stronger in math and gym (have any of you almost failed gym class? lol), but always social studies and languages were clearly my favs.

Not long ago my daughter had to do one of those career tests to see what might be the perfect career for her. So for fun I did it with her. What came up? Writing and working in a cultural center. Not even kidding you.

When I was younger I wanted to be Superman's girlfriend. I mean think about it, she was a writer, she got to travel to other places, and well... Superman...

Okay, I see the pattern; words and culture.

Anyway, point is, we can't really change who we are, can we? So what did you want to be when you grew up and how much did you change since you were 5? I apparently am right where I started, only so very much older with still so much to learn about everything.