Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I use the tranquil prairies as a setting to my not-so-peaceful speculative fiction.

I am married with two children which means among my accomplishments are the necessary magical abilities to find a lost tooth in a park of sand and whisper away monsters from under the bed.

As director of a non-profit Francophone community center, I offer programming and services in French for all ages to ensure the lasting imprint and growth of the Francophone community in which I was raised. I teach social media safety for teens and offer one-on-one technology classes for seniors.

I am active in my community, volunteering to teach technology classes, as president of the Ladies Guild, as director of the Cemetery Board, and as chair for the Library Board.

I  was fifteen when I wrote my first column.

I am the author of 
Cursed on the Prairies, A Sacred Land Story

Legends on the Prairies, A Sacred Land Story 

Can't Dream Without You, from the Dark Chronicles, 

Ghosts on the Prairies, A Sacred Land Story 
(Elsewhen Press)

and a novel for young adults:                                                               Petrified (Sunbury Press).

RISINGSHADOW: Legends on the Prairies
RISINGSHADOW: Can't Dream Without You
RISINGSHADOW: Ghosts on the Prairies

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