Legends on the Prairies is Out as eBook

Legends on the Prairies is out as eBook! 

Paperback will be released this November
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What if someone believed that you were a hero from a legend? 

“Don’t you believe in legends?” 

Such a simple question, yet what Sacri really wants Alex to believe is that he is the hero from her legends. A hero meant to save land sacred to her tribe. 

Alex is a lot of things. He’s a painter, a sculptor, and a dreamer. He was just fired from a good job, grieves for a woman he hoped to marry, and is known as the local drunk. He’s terrified of fire, of losing his friend, and of being alone. He is a lot of things, but hero isn’t one of them. 

Travelling across the country in 1892 to settle land on an unexplored part of the prairies, he hopes to find himself, to find a reason for his pitiful existence, and to have one last adventure with his dying friend. What he actually finds in the heart of the lonesome prairies is Sacri, defending land with her very soul. She believes he is the Man of Legends sent to save Sacred Land. Her determination entrances him. Despite everything, Alex finds himself praying to a God that he thought had abandoned him, in the hope that, just maybe, there is some truth to Sacri’s stories. 

To add to Alex’s unease is the certainty that Sacri’s brother, often merely glimpsed as a silver shadow riding his horse across the horizon, will happily kill Alex if he turns out not to be the man who Sacri thinks he is. 

Legends on the Prairies, a Sacred Land Story is the prequel to Ghosts on the Prairies. Alternate history with paranormal and romantic elements, it is a story about growth, friendship, love, and the importance of believing in ourselves.

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Ad Overload

I was trying to read an article this morning and between all the pop up ads and the side ads and the in between ads, by the time I made it to the end... I forgot what I was reading.

And even more frustrating, I had to re-enter the site and the article and scroll back to where I was, several times because some ads kicked me out. The one shut down my screen. I had the option between: I AM A WRITER and I AM NOT YET BUT WILL BE. I was nervous where the I AM A WRITER prompt would bring me as I do not have time today for a trip to Dreamland or some other creative realm. So I lied to it and said I was not a writer and it politely let me return to the article... from the start.

So what is with the sudden ad overload? And they seem to be personally aimed at me and my interests (which is cool, but a little freaky and makes me think of a good story I could write about selling my personal information...). Point is, because they are aimed for me specifically, they distract the heck out of me. I mean books are cool and writing rocks but why can't I just read the article in peace and see the ads at the end of the article so that THEN I can pick my next article?

Who is responsible for this change because we need to talk. Those of you making your own sites, please remember that ad placement is important for readers. Try not to drown me because I now have various sites flagged, and won't be returning.

Anyone else notice this on certain sites? How do you cope?