Programmed to Breathe

Breathing is a gift I give you…
Dragon design: Alison Buck
   Above ground, in the frozen climate of year 3161, Avery’s family is starving. When the jerk from the clan at the end of the village invites Avery to start a family with him in exchange for food and land, she has a serious choice to make. Leaving her family where she fits in, to live in a clan with an old man she loathes, doesn’t feel like a good move. But can she really refuse when the offer comes with food and land that her family desperately needs?

Underground, in the cities of Quma, Yodan’s life is perfect. He looks forward to starting a family with… Azala? Why does that feel wrong? Yodan’s best friend soon discovers that someone or something has tampered with Yodan’s mind, erasing things. Investigating further, they discover a horrifying truth; Artificial-life has found a way to merge with them to live mortally.
   When a violent earthquake destroys the energy source that’s keeping both above and below ground habitable, the survivors are forced together after more than a thousand years of isolated evolution. Their union is a clash of spiritual versus technical existence where suddenly no one fits in. How will the villagers react to the bald pink-eyed children needing a new home? And what kind of damage will be done by the lifeform who hitched a ride with them?

Breathing is a gift I give myself…

Very excited to announce that Elsewhen Press has made Programmed to Breathe a home among their other incredible books. It is now available as eBook! It will be out in paperback later this year.

In a lot of ways, this is a story I was working on since I was a little girl. It has been in my mind fighting to be told. And I am so happy with the final version. It's come a long way from that little idea I had as a kid to this incredible tale of two very different worlds being forced together. The one thing that never changed were Yodan and Avery. These two heroes stuck with me from start to finish, bringing me on many adventures, but by far, this one was the best! I hope you enjoy their stories.

And I have to just make a comment on the incredible cover. It is so perfect for this story. It represents the protector and legendary Dragon carved into the marble caves in the village above ground where Avery lives, but the reflection in the metallic grey is the logo for the threat and very real Nogard, the A-life that is keeping Yodan's underground city running smoothly. It's a very powerful symbol that will hopefully come alive for readers as they explore the story of the two worlds coming together.

Happy readings!

Man vs Nature: the Snow

This might be just me--and for those of you without snow, just enjoy your iced tea with your toes in the warm pool while you laugh at my struggles--but when that first snowstorm hits around October or November I make myself these little deals. They go something like this:
This year, I'm gonna stay on top of this.

This year, I'm not gonna let my husband shovel the snow around the house alone.

This year, I'm gonna shovel as much as I can to stay in shape. At work and at home. Heck, I might even go help the neighbours out! Who needs a snow blower!

This year, I might even come out while it snows just to stay ahead of things.

And comes December and I have to say, things look good. I might actually...

And comes January.

By February, I've basically got a tunnel I can crawl through to get to work. The thoughts are more like this:

Why is it so cold? Why are my ankles suddenly frozen? Where did I lose my scarf? I need another pair of mitts. I just got snow IN my boots. Wth! why am I suddenly sweating?

Screw it. I'm going in. If they can't climb the snow bank, we can text.
         If I wait three more months, it'll melt. Can I wait that long? 

Then I actually think about how long three months will be while I undress and search for warm pjs and a book. But then I realize hubby stayed outside so I go see how he's doing... and the thoughts are more like this: 
We need a snow blower. Why don't we own one? This is just too much snow. Where will my husband pile it all? Why did I make that first pile so far? Did he really shovel ALL that? I know there's a sidewalk out there somewhere...he has to be close. Do we need that much of a path? Snowshoes would be good, we'll invest in snowshoes... 
I can't even see my husband out there it's blowing so hard. Maybe he should come in and we'll just stay on top of it better next year...
And then, I go make a hot chocolate and write about it.
What Man vs Nature element is your yearly challenge?