Man vs Nature: the Snow

This might be just me--and for those of you without snow, just enjoy your iced tea with your toes in the warm pool while you laugh at my struggles--but when that first snowstorm hits around October or November I make myself these little deals. They go something like this:
This year, I'm gonna stay on top of this.

This year, I'm not gonna let my husband shovel the snow around the house alone.

This year, I'm gonna shovel as much as I can to stay in shape. At work and at home. Heck, I might even go help the neighbours out! Who needs a snow blower!

This year, I might even come out while it snows just to stay ahead of things.

And comes December and I have to say, things look good. I might actually...

And comes January.

By February, I've basically got a tunnel I can crawl through to get to work. The thoughts are more like this:

Why is it so cold? Why are my ankles suddenly frozen? Where did I lose my scarf? I need another pair of mitts. I just got snow IN my boots. Wth! why am I suddenly sweating?

Screw it. I'm going in. If they can't climb the snow bank, we can text.
         If I wait three more months, it'll melt. Can I wait that long? 

Then I actually think about how long three months will be while I undress and search for warm pjs and a book. But then I realize hubby stayed outside so I go see how he's doing... and the thoughts are more like this: 
We need a snow blower. Why don't we own one? This is just too much snow. Where will my husband pile it all? Why did I make that first pile so far? Did he really shovel ALL that? I know there's a sidewalk out there somewhere...he has to be close. Do we need that much of a path? Snowshoes would be good, we'll invest in snowshoes... 
I can't even see my husband out there it's blowing so hard. Maybe he should come in and we'll just stay on top of it better next year...
And then, I go make a hot chocolate and write about it.
What Man vs Nature element is your yearly challenge?


DUTA said...

I wish I could smile, but Man vs Nature is getting big struggle all over the planet. Part of it is in danger of freezing, the other part in danger of melting, and islands in danger of getting swallowed by the waters. What's to be done? Praying, I suppose.

Richard Hughes said...

I used to shovel snow every winter years ago. We had so much sometimes that I could only shovel a path from the door to the street. I don't miss those days, although I do miss the beauty of the snow, especially after the storm clears out and the sun shines on it. BTW, did you ever find your husband?

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

We were doing well with the snow and then it started coming off the roof. Wow, we had no idea so much had accumulated there.
But I love winter so I'm trying hard not to complain.
Meanwhile, enjoyed reading your latest posts. Good Stuff

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

We have very mild winters here in Sacramento (CA), although they still get cold — too cold for gardening. My half-hearted promises are along the line of I really will "pull those weeds before they get too high," "Put up new strings of outdoor lights for next year," etc. But . . . nope. Not gonna happen. We are just starting to get spring here, so the weed thing might happen before summer. Or not.