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Cursed on the Prairies
A Sacred Land Story
Alternate History  
Published by Elsewhen Press

   Russ swore to protect Sacred Land but promises made to his pa when life was great are
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not so easy to keep after he finds himself plagued by a curse. 

   Who are the men terrorizing the Cursed Lands and trying to burn his gal for being a witch? His father thinks they’re acting out to scare them off the land, a hate group perhaps? His brother wonders if they’re wanting a sacred plant that grows in the tunnels. His ma knows of other secrets haunting them… 

   While those things might be true, his ghostly grandpa shows Russ something he can’t ignore; a curse summoned years ago that will suck them all into the earth.

Legends on the Prairies
A Sacred Land Story
Alternate History
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Published by Elsewhen Press

  Sacri believes Alex is the Man of Legends sent to save Sacred Land. Her determination entrances him, but Alex won’t pretend to be something he’s not. Every breath of freedom he takes on these prairies is shadowed by the life he ran from and the demands of a settling province. Life on the prairies of 1892 teaches him harsh truths.

   Even the legends leave him scarred and having to pick himself up. Who knew the prairies were home to mud monsters, rituals, magic, or even haunting spirits?

In a world where legends and truths intermix, will Alex find a way to fit into this secretive world or will his beliefs forever change it?

Can't Dream Without You
From the Dark Chronicles
  Published by Elsewhen Press
Dark Fantasy, post-apocalyptic

Steve can’t tell what’s real or what’s a nightmare. Julia’s brother wants to kill him,
a strange bald eagle is erasing memories, and Steve’s caught in some bizarre bullfight on another realm with a cop hot on his trail looking to be Julia’s hero. All the while, Steve and Julia must fight the desperate need to make their steamy dreams a reality.

Ghosts on the Prairies
A Sacred Land Story
Alternate History  
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Published by Elsewhen Press
   After his father mysteriously vanishes one night, Antoine must find another income or he risks losing the Sacred Land that his father swore to protect. 

   Working on a ranch, Antoine meets Emma, a victim of underground slavery. Fighting for her freedom costs him his home, his sister, his best friend, and puts in question all of his values. If he succeeds, will she and her son fit into his world? 
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A Whispering Tale

Young Adult Dystopian  
Published by Sunberry Press

   Even after bogies turn his brother to stone and pick Gabe as their next target, he refuses to give up. 

   On the run, he befriends two special Whisperers who use his Notebooks to tame the ghostly monsters with nothing but magical whispers. The trio set out to fight the enemy behind the attacks but the truth puts in question everything they believe in, even their friendship.

Forbidden Fruit 
In Existence is Elsewhen Anthology

Published by Elsewhen Press
20 Sci-fi stories about other worlds and realities

Among the 20 brilliant authors, my story Forbidden Fruit takes a look at Adam Xaphan and Eve.

And so Eve tempts the devil.

  Xaphan is the immortal devil of creation who just escaped the rules of Hell. He is gifted in creating things like link-ups that allow him to travel between worlds, only he isn’t supposed to use this gift. He’s supposed to give it to his brother to undo, because this is how things balance in Hell.

  Breaking the rules is thrilling. On the run in another world, Xaphan finds a quiet haven where he plans to hide away. With his gal Eve at his side, his future is as shiny as the forbidden apples he enjoys… until his brother finds him.

  Will these devils realise how damned they are or will Eve win another devil over with her forbidden fruit?

The In-Between 
In Project 9 Vol 4 Anthology

Published by Solstice Publishing

  6 Sci-fi tales about other worlds and realities
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    Among the 6 brilliant authors, my story The In-Between takes a look at happens In-Between life and death.

  Destinies link in the In-Between

  A routine surgery lands Cindy in a strange empty hospital that can only be some type of dream linking her between death and life. Running the hallways, searching for a way out, she meets others, entwining their fates beyond this In-Between.