When Terror Attacts

We were staring at the tiny locker when the teacher flew by and directed us into the classroom. My son was told to empty his things into his desk. I followed. You know, for moral support, it being his first day of school and all.

He tossed his bag on his chair with a heavy whoomp. The first sign that Terror was coming. I'd been there myself about thirty years ago, I knew the signs. Still, all a mother can do is wait it out, stand there for moral support. The next few moments were a blur of things flying into his desk and whoomp again as the desk slammed down. Terror had won. His binder was hanging out the sides, his jacket was even shoved in the desk, and I'm pretty sure his lunch was in there too, a mangled mess.

He wouldn't meet my eyes. Of course not. I was just there for moral support. Really, Terror is something you have to face on your own. Trust me. I know.

Looking back, I didn't handle Terror well. Terror gripped me long before we entered the classroom. I was hardly out of the car. It took Mom carrying me from the car to the school to get me that far. But once there, I grabbed the railing. Held on. I. Was. Not. Going. Any. Further. Terror wasn’t letting me through those doors. Mom stood by for moral support as I clutched the railing, refusing to go in. If she spoke to me, persuaded me, Terror erased her words.

School was well under way when the teacher came to dislodge me from the railing and dismiss Mom. Mom had her own form of Terror happening by this time and she erased what the teacher was saying. She stayed, for moral support, because really there isn't anything a mom can do against Terror is there? Or a teacher for that matter, but this one tried.
She tried to pry me from the railing, and if you can imagine a tiny little girl gripping a railing for dear life while a nun pulled her by the feet... yeah, that would be the image. Terror held firm and I’m sure my screams echoed the streets for days.

Finally, she picked up my things and went inside. Mom left too. I was left alone. Alone. You don’t ever want to be alone with Terror. That is far worse than going to school. So I went inside.

I feel this same pang of Terror every time I go to send out one of my books. I've published plenty of non-fiction but for some reason this fiction beacons Terror. I thought I'd be smart and overcome Terror by being prepared; I am ready, I did all I could, and I am surrounded by moral support. But! Terror knows my weaknesses better than I do.  He nags that maybe I didn't do it right. That maybe I did do it right and I suck anyway. That just maybe I should go back and do it again now that I'm a few days older and wiser, ya know?

So I grip the keyboard and force myself to hit send, because there is no other option-- Terror cannot win and I refuse to sit here alone with Terror breathing down my neck.

When did Terror find you? How did you overcome it?

Kidnapped, Cheating, and a Contest! Phew!

KIDNAPPED: Okay so I'm not exactly kidnapped. I'm just over at Reece's place and we're having a chat. That's right, I took time to kick back and talk about myself with one of my talented writing buddies and crit partners, Reece Hanzon. CHECK OUT OUR CONVERSATION HERE

I'm just a click away, don't miss me, join me!!

CHEATING: What are some of the wonderful things we're discussing? Well... writing of course!!!
Oh let's see... here is just a taste;

Reece says:
What do you do to counteract writer’s block?

Tanya answers: (in her oh so honest way)
I cheat.

For me it’s not so much that I can’t find the words, but that I can’t steal the time. So when I tell you that I write full time every single day, that I do not ever ever miss a day (this is the Writer’s truth too I never do!)-- not even when attacked by a dog, down with a sinus infection, and enduring flu-like symptoms (yeah on the same day), know that I... might......... be cheating a bit and my writing time might actually have involved letting a steamy fantasy sweep me away (which I later reviewed on my blog).  

Oh??? The secret is what to count as writing. You should count everything that furthers your writing career. Think about it.... all that reading you do, critiquing, blogging, agent hunting, editing, rewriting, reviewing, the workshops, the research, the public speaking, the radio, newspaper, or Internet interviews, oh yeah, and the actual writing. It all counts. I bet you write cheat as much as I do! Why not count it?

So when faced with a block; put down your pen and do some other form of writing that you’re great at, and kick butt! You’re a writer, cheat write dang it.

Of course, don’t make cheating a habit. Only do it when you must. But it is nice to know that you can shove aside your keyboard and still do something “writerly”, no?

Reece says:
 Sorry have to come by to find out.  Life's like that!

Hope you join us at Reece's, but before you go, tell me what you to do cheat those writing blocks?

THE CONTEST: Now on top of this!!!
Reece is having a contest.
Holy tractors is this one you want to enter! Trust me he's my crit partner!
 Submission guidelines:
  1. 500 words minimum, no more than 3,000
  2. Double-spaced 12pt Times, Garamond, or Georgia font
  3. No profanity, no graphic sex or violence
  4. Bonus points for complete action/reaction format. For more information, visit Shallee McArthur's blog.
  5. Short stories or chapters from your WIP (or finished books) are welcome.
  6. Please no poetry, music, or artwork
  7. Only one submission per participant to reece(dot)hanzon(at)gmail(dot)com and include the words "contest submission" in the subject line.

    3 kicka prizes: The first place winner gets a free book and a complimentary critique of up to 5,000 words. The books available are: Sabriel, by Garth Nix; I Am Not A Serial Killer, by Dan Wells; Trading in Danger, by Elizabeth Moon; and Skulduggery Pleasant, by Derek Landy. The second place winner gets a critique of up to 3,000 words, and the third place winner gets a critique of up to 1,000 words.
What more can I say? Doesn't a contest like this just give you goosebumps? I just love the homework section. Don't worry it's easy, something all writers should be doing anyway. Well get cracking- get him something to read!

A Peek Into Your Life-- Kinley Baker

A peek into your life is a segment spotlighting authors, specialists, and friends who brave my countless questions day in and day out. It's the best way I can share with you all, the many people who taught me the bizarre things I know, who satisfy my thirst for knowledge and adventure, and who keep me motivated.

Even the cover is sexy eh?
Kinley Baker is the author of my new fav fantasy romance RUINED!!!
I met her during a blog tour game hosted by Crescent Moon Press during which I WON this way  HUGE COOL scrapbooking gift basket. Yes I won! I know I say I don't win many things, and then I blog like every month about all the things I win, because well, life's just like that sometimes! And well, every time I win sometime I have to balance out my karma and so I'm caught in an endless circle of winning and giving back. Funny, I know. But Kinley gets me, and so it's fine.

So... when her book arrived in the mail, I was in fact sick in bed for the day. I had nothing better to do but cough into it, feel sorry for myself, and read. All of it. Yup, just gobble it up. It was a nice remedy. No, it didn't heal me, (magic like that would be cool though) but it eased the wounds. Although, I must admit, I did have to skip ahead to the ending because I was somewhat heartbroken midway and needed reassurance before I could go on. Sick people are like that so forgive me. I don't normally do that. I was sick, okay? Shhh.

Let's see, what can I say about Ruined? Oh my. *Deep sighs of orgasmic passion.* I repeat, oh my. I did want to crawl into this book several times and kick Vale in the shins because for a smart proud man he is a dumbass when it comes to Jessa. Still, he knows how to satisfy his woman. Oh my, I do like men like that, I do. Other than that, wow, this is my kind of book. I am a Kinley Baker fan. Oh my. I love the world she swept me into. It's such an easy fantasy to enjoy and the magic is killer. The romance was fun. Oh my. Her ideas, the characters and the world kept me well entertained. I read this in two easy sittings (and did I mention I was sick? Yeah, I'm looking for pity here.) I do recommend this book for all romance lovers, fantasy or not, you'll be hooked. Ohmmmy.

But, of course, you are here to meet Kinley and not feel sorry for me or listen to me go on about fantasy sex, oh my.

So... Welcome Kinley.

I’m so excited you enjoyed reading Ruined, Tanya!

Enjoyed, oh my, who wouldn't enjoy this book? There are some hot scenes tucked away in this baby, Kinley.  What was your fav scene to write?

Thank you, Tanya! My all-time favorite scene from Ruined is probably the bond of shadows scene (I won’t give more away on this, but if you read the book, you’ll know what I’m talking about). I smile every time I read the scene because it really shows Vale and Jessa’s deepening connection before more bad stuff happens. I also love the ending and the epilogue.

I must confess, I actually read the bond of shadows scene twice. I read it once, and then I went, "Okay, that was really cool, and I have no idea what it was, and someone grabbed someone's something too many times to count and I want an instant replay of that because I'm sick in more ways than one and I need a little pick me up!" Lol. 

Ruined hints at a possible series to me.... Are there new projects we can look forward to? 
I am so excited about the second book in this trilogy! I’m just finishing up the story. I hope to submit it to my Editor soon. The story is about Caleb, and I must say, I love this man. I had a soft spot for him in Ruined (his people’s history is truly tragic), but his character grows a lot during his book. His heroine is fantastic! I actually just recently decided I needed to rewrite book 2 and went in a whole new direction. Caleb’s heroine burst onto the page, and I’m so thrilled. During book 2, you’ll also see more of Verity, discover new details about the Gaspar, and observe glimpses of Vale and Jessa’s continuing world through other characters’ perspectives. Oh! And I’m super excited about some of my new characters. You’ll meet some interesting people, and see more of the non-royal side of living in the Shadow Shifter Kingdom.
Let's take a little PEEK into your life... share Six Random Facts J

1.)    I live with my husband in the Pacific Northwest. My Sister-In-Law said in her speech at our wedding that she never thought her brother would find someone who shared his sense of humor. Everyone at the wedding laughed because they knew what she was talking about. Lol. That’s a little look into our relationship.

2.)   My dog, Joker, is a terrier who thinks he’s royalty. Since we don’t know who his parents are, it could be that he’s a lost prince.

3.)   I find inspiration in the rain which is why there are quite a few storms in Ruined.

 4.)   Occasionally my husband does things like ban my Netbook and Kindle when we go to football games like we did last Saturday.

5.)   I rarely only do one thing at a time, except for when I’m writing.

6.)   I’m a romance fanatic. There’s nothing I love more than getting lost in a great love story.

I really enjoyed visiting today, Tanya! Thank you for reading Ruined and spreading the word! I appreciate it. J
Thank you so much for Stopping by Kinley and letting us peek into your life!
Hope you all enjoy Ruined as much as I did. Oh my!!
Leave your questions, Kinley will get back to you-- yes, she is that great!!!