What Does Toothfairy Do With Those Teeth? The Truth. Finally.

Well, Toothfairy has been eagerly waiting to come by our place for a few days now. But! The tooth in question was just holding on for dear life.

Then suddenly it was gone. Gone without a trace.

Oh no. My first flash was back to my childhood. I did not believe in Toothfairy. No. Way. In fact, I was dead set on proving my storytelling dad wrong. So I shoved my freshly fallen tooth under my pillow without a word to anyone, then I sat on the steps in front of my room, watching Dad work on the wood stove, determined to catch him sneaking upstairs to exchange monies for the tooth. Finally, he slumped into the recliner and said, “Huh. If I’m not mistaken, that sounds like Toothfairy to me.”

Rolling my eyes, I made my way to my room. Nope, no Toothfairy, but under my pillow was a shiny quarter. Magic.

I wanted to give my son that magic, but without a tooth, it just felt... impossible.

Well, all sorts of other things went wrong, not only were we missing a tooth, someone told my son that he might have swallowed it. Well... the idea horrified him. “No,” he said, trying to convince himself more than anyone, “I probably lost it in the sand at the playground.” I quickly went hunting for it, seeing how important this was to him. To us.

A few others suggested we write a note for Toothfairy, but that wasn’t really the problem (and let’s be honest, if Toothfairy gives monies for letters, that’s just not... magical.) He wanted his tooth. He waited for that sucker to fall out all week and now he didn’t have anything to show off. All he had was anxiety that he might have swallowed it. It really wasn’t fair, and it definitely didn’t feel magical.

Now, as I checked the sand, I got thinking about how Toothfairy left me the first tooth he lost after she exchanged it for monies. I never told anyone I had this tooth. To me, it was a gift from Toothfairy. One I had no idea what to do with it ... but I had it in safe keeping, just because I’m weird that way.

You see where I’m going with this, right?
When I produced a tooth *clears throat*, his eyes lit up and I was the hero! He showed it off proudly to everyone, telling them a magical tale about how he lost it by the red slide and I found it in all that sand, because, well ... his mom is that magical. Huh. I hadn’t said a word. But! The boy is a great storyteller and he absolutely believes in Toothfairy-- no test required. He gets both qualities from my dad.

Anyway, he did ask me if there was a way we could make sure it was in fact his tooth and not a rock. (Ah yes, the paranoia he gets from me. Which is fine, all things magical should be questioned, then accepted as such. Right?) I told him to take a good look. He announced it was for sure his tooth, (and it was) then he flashed me his adorable grin, (ya know the one with the missing front teeth... aww...).

Everyone says you can’t pull a fast one on Toothfairy, yet he got two bucks for that sucker. Makes me think that Toothfairy knows these things happen. Why else would she leave me that tooth, right?

You got a tooth fairy story to share? Tell us the truth.


Angela Brown said...

Okay, you twisted my arm. My daughter lost her last tooth over at a friend's house. She'd done the tooth fairy bit before and always ended up with something for the tooth. So now what was I to do?

Of course, no toothfairy at the friend's house. I explained that the toothfairy finds the tooth at the child's home. Weak. Lame. But thankfully, she came home, placed her tooth under her pillow, and the toothfairy magically found her. When she awoke and found the money, she was excited and said I was right. I loved it.

Tanya Reimer said...

Oh that is a tough one! Thankfully you made magic happen anyway!!

Victoria Lindstrom said...

Tanya - This post is hysterical! Being a retired dental hygienist (due to a hand injury) many parents told their children they were going to visit the tooth fairy - me! It may sound strange - but I still have most of my sons' baby teeth! Thanks for the laughs!

pueblo dentist said...

Hello Tanya! Nice blog indeed...
I liked the title a lot! Sounds really very interesting!

Valentina Hepburn said...

Such a lovely story, Tanya. Hope all is well.

Richard said...

There you go, making us laugh again. Great post.

Vicki Tremper said...

You are such a great storyteller (and we know where you get that from)! This was a wonderful way to honor your father and the innocence of youth. YOU are magical!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this story, Tanya! It's the most wonderful tooth fairy story I've ever heard. And I did believe in the tooth fairy, and in Santa Claus too until I was 12! But I don't have any magical tooth fairy stories, so I'll always remember this one!! A very delightful post!!
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

Samantha Sotto said...

Haha! A similar things happened us. Thank goodness I kept one of his old teeth. Moral of the story: It's always good to have a spare :)

Tanya Reimer said...

Well Victoria, the toothfairy is always welcome here! lol

Thanks Pueblo!Hope it left you with a smile!

Yeah Valentina, thanks for checking in, I'm still hanging on.

Richard! Glad I amuse you. Hahahaha

Hugs Vicki.

Ann, I'm so happy to hear you believed in the tooth fairy for so long! I still believe, because damn, how did my dad do THAT?

Great minds think alike eh Samantha? lol