Taking a Healing Day

No. Not a sick day. Today I took a healing day. A day that was all about... fun.

This morning, in three hours, I wrote 6k. It's not unusual for me to go on writing binges. I do this a fair bit. Probably too often. I'm not even sure if that's the most I've ever written in a morning. Probably not, I don't normally keep track. Why did I today? It surprised me. I had other plans for my day and I had to really justify not accomplishing them. I think 6k is acceptable. I can live with that because it was healing and led to the rest of my awesome day.

The shock lies in the what I wrote so feverishly. No. Not a fantasy. Not a sci-fi or a short story. Not even an article for the paper. I wrote about nothing. Just random things that came together to make what will hopefully be my second non-fiction book. So far, it's not as funny as the first, but it's already got a special place in my heart. It's honest, it's real, and it's me. Pretty cool.

Normally, for me, non-fiction takes an outline, a proposal of what should be said so that it all comes out in an orderly fashion. Apparently not anymore. I wrote it like I write my fiction and it was amazing to have that type of freedom with my ideas. I imagined a conversation with a friend and just vomited it all out in whatever language the words came to me. I'll clean it up later. That is the title of the book after all.

I started to outline. I really did. I put three major headings on my blank page, then I listed a couple chapter titles for each one. And then! I was off. (maybe that is an outline?)

Who the heck knows what I said, but I felt like a genius on crack. Man. I bet it's pure crap, but I wrote 6,000 words today and it felt great to get them off my chest. It was nice to break up the routine of editing my three final drafts. This morning I actually wrote a new idea that was brilliantly me.

But, that's not all I did today. Nope. I did a crit in the afternoon for a friend. Helping others, helps me. This has always been the case. It felt nice to be useful. I played a board game with my kids. Never will there be a day where that isn't healing. My kids are great fun. I visited with a dear friend, had wine and some wii dancing. And! I went to a party in the evening and mingled, listened to stories, caught up with old friends, and relaxed. Now, I think I'll head down and watch a late night movie all snuggled with the big guy. Yup. Perfect.

Ah. Nice to be back.

Has your writing ever surprised you like this? Just out of the blue you have something new to say that helps you heal? What do you do on your healing days? 


Valentina Hepburn said...

You sound so happy. And yes, we all need ways to heal, find some sanctuary if necessary or let our hair down. My healing comes from walking with my Golden Retriever, Lily in Ashridge Park near where I live, along with Scarlet. She sees things through a five year old's eyes--and it's all so exciting. We find deer tracks, dog tracks, horse tracks, bicycle tracks, squirrels running up trees, logs to climb over, a fairy den??, loads and loads of squidgy mud to jump in and then a cup of tea and some chocolate cake to finish up our walk. We're tired, out of breath and covered in mud. And it's great. And yes, helping a friend is healing too. We all need our friends from time to time.
Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

Victoria Lindstrom said...

Tanya - Getting to know you, if only as blogging buddies, has been its own healing! Your heartfelt remarks are encouraging, inspiring, & challenging (6,000 words-are you serious? ^_^)Have a great day!

Gina Blechman said...

Tanya, congrats on your writing purge! I love those moments when the writing just flows. Sure, sometimes it turns out crappy in the end, but I learn something every time. When I have fun days I generally just don't set goals and let myself flow and do whatever I want. I watch some tv, write some, hang out with friends some, bake some, whatever gets me refreshed.

<3 Gina Blechman

DUTA said...

I get my healing from sewing and various computer works such as creating slideshows with pictures and music.

By the way, as far as reading is concerned ,I read mainly non-fiction. I used to read lots of fiction in my adolescence and in my twenties. Then, I realized life is much more interesting and put fiction aside.

Richard said...

It doesn't matter whether it's fiction or non-fiction, as long as it satisfies your need to write. Most novelists have written both.

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Congratulations on your writing binge. I'll bet later when you go back and look at it, you'll find some gems embedded in it.

Tanya Reimer said...

Great example Valentina, our pets can so help with our healing. I know if I even sigh the wrong way, I get a slobber kiss instantly.

Victoria, I share the sentiment. You post some lovely photos that inspire, which apparently heals.

Gina, glad to hear you're slowing things down too! Busy gal.

Duta, you sure do bring your life stories to the table! You're so right, there is a magic to real life stories that is special.

Of course you're right, Richard, I will just shut up and enjoy my moment! I don't always have to live in a fantasy. hahaha.

Oh Elizabeth I sure hope so! Something I can add on to too. Already today, I had another idea how to make it better!!!

Happy binging everyone!

momto8 said...

wow..you must have been inspired! and we all need mental health days once and a while!

Shallee said...

I'm so happy for you that you were able to find that healing in your writing. I have moments like that occasionally. They're rare, but they usually happen when I just let the words flow from inside me, and don't plan them out. I think it's something every writer needs!