Okay. I’m back. Not fully recovered yet, but blogging ready just the same. So what happened to y’all while I was gone? Geesh. I feel like I missed so much.
First, let me take care of a little business. Okay, not so much business, but let’s have some fun.
I've been tagged a couple times while I was off and about having adventures and getting surgery. It looked like so much fun, I decided not to break the tag and give a shout out to these great bloggers who have really changed my life in one way or another. Thanks Vicki and Richard.  

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the 10 questions I created at the bottom of this post. Tag your friends and notify them that you've tagged them. Not all your friends. Geesh. three to five will do. Finally, create 10 questions you'd like them to answer.

These are the questions for me to answer;

1. Where were you born? A small town on the prairies; Redvers, Saskatchewan

2. Do you speak more than one language? Which other? Fluently, I speak French and English. I studied German for fun but can't pronounce anything properly.

3. Do you play a musical instrument? Which one? Does my computer count?

4. Which is your favorite city in the world? Why?  Not a big fan of cities. I prefer the romantic setting of open spaces that let me breathe. If I had to pick one, it's only natural that I'd pick a nice quiet one, with friendly people and a fun history. Yes, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

5. Who is your favorite author? I hate this question. I really don't have a fave. I go through phases, where I study a particular author until I find out exactly what it is they're doing that has me hooked. I once thought Eric Wilson, Lisa Jackson, and Stephen King were the legends. Then Anne Rice and Jean Auel introduced me to a new way of seeing the world. Then Dean Koontz and Tom Clancy came along all exciting and thrilling. Oh and then there was the Catherine Coulter, Sandra Brown phase... the Tolkien and Agatha... okay but who is it now? Right now in this moment... I've been reading a lot of debut novels, so I can't say if any are my favourite authors since they have only touched my life for a brief moment, but one book in particular rocked, especially for a first one:  Samantha Sotto. I've recommended her book to a few souls, and I look forward to having her by for an interview!!!!

6. What was your favorite subject in school (high school, college, whatever)?  Looking back I liked something about each class. History allowed me to replay what I was reading in my mind as if I was there. (I like real fantasies like that.) Math and geotrig were cool because it was impossible to be wrong. (I like being right.) French, English, and German fascinated me. Why did we create all these rules to express our freedom of speech? Oh and Chemistry was great because I got to blow things up and study why that would happen.

7. At what age did you first become aware of yourself as a person? How did it come about? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Okay, dirty mind aside, that is a good question. I'm pretty sure I'm still an illusion. Honestly, it's about memories, because I always knew I was me. Just how I remember me changed over the years.

8. Would you like to travel in outer space? Why not? I can't think of one reason why that would suck.

9. Do you believe in astrology?  It works as a great writing tool. I pick my character's birthdays and chart their personalities based on their signs.

10. What is your astrological sign? I am a Gemini. Born to balance the universe and see both sides to every problem. Takes on more than she can stand and changes moods from one moment to the next. Yup. That's me. But! I don't really believe in crap like that.

Thanks to Vicki at  Writ of Whimsy and to Richard at Writing and Living for tagging me; now it's my turn to tag:
Vicki from All the World's in Words
Letters from Valentina Hepburn
Teresa at Dreamers, Lovers and Star Voyagers

And here are my questions to get to know you better:
1. What is the title of your current WIP? Tell us about it.
2. When did you start blogging and why?
3. If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do?
4. Describe your happy place.
5. What was your first happy memory?
6. What is the scariest thing you've ever done?
7. What is the funnest thing you did today?
8. What is the strangest place you've ever gotten an idea for a story?
9. Where do you write?
10. If you just won a ticket to anywhere in the world but had to take me, where would you take me? Why?

Ohhhhh that was fun!
So. Tell me what you've been up to? And everyone who leaves a comment should answer question 10. I need another holiday but can't afford one, so take me on an imaginary one. Please!!!! lol.


Vicki Tremper said...

Yay, me and Valentina! I look forward to our answers - eventually.

Even though I already knew your birthday, I didn't think about you being a Gemini, just like my dad and my son. I obviously love Geminis!

Okay, #10. I would take you to Rwanda so we can speak French together in a new environment and I can show you a bit of my past. And since you think everything is magical, you'll love it.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

It's such fun reading the answers to these questions. I don't have a favorite author, either. Too many wonderful writers out in the world.

As for number 10--How about Hawaii? Because. . . well, why not?

Richard said...

I particularly liked your answer to #6.

Where would I take you? Let's see. I want to say Paris, because you speak French and could translate for me. But, something different...sail around the world, writing and telling stories.

DUTA said...

I would take you to the greek island of Crete. I wish us
to visit here the village where the famous movie "Zorba the Greek" was filmed , and the islet of the leprous.

Teresa Cypher aka T K CypherBuss said...

Love your answer for #3 Moosejaw...I have heard of Moosejaw. I am trying to formulate what images the name conjures. Odd what a big world it is, yet at once, how small it is. Moosejaw. Cold, remote, people are friendly. Now I am curious about the name origins. Maybe a bend in a river...or I have no idea *smiling*. I will google it.
Neat idea for writing characters! Astrology...a very useful tool, indeed! :-)

Okay, now to answer yours.
1. My current WIP is "Aaydan's Tale". I am editing (again). It was accepted by an Indie publisher. Genre--Dystopian Fantasy. The circumstances surrounding Aaydan's birth are a mystery to him. In his heart, he knows he is as Juman as anyone, but he appears to be of a reviled race;his blood is tainted. He is marked for extermination by the Dominion-- because of his taint, along with all of his kind. With the help of two boyhood Juman friends--one well-connected in the smuggling world, the other well connected to the political world, he hides on a remote world. There, in the relative safety of solitude gone wrong, he hopes for what his heart desperately seeks...love and acceptance. The Juman ruler, Deamante, is growing old. There is dissension among the ranks. A coup is about to take place, and Deamante will go to any length to protect his great nephew from association with a savage on a remote world, and to hide the skeleton in his own closet... that would destroy him politically.

2.Back in 2006. I was a member of MSN's beta Q and A site, and discovered blogging when they had their associated site--livespaces, which is now defunct. When the Q and A closed, traffic fell way off and I rarely posted. Last year, I rec'd notification from MSN that they were deleting livespaces and they they had organized a seamless transfer (one-click operation) with Wordpress. While I was doing it, I read over many of my three years worth of posting, and it rekindled the pleasure I felt when I blogged. So, I guess that answer regards my current blog site is mid April of last year. I did have an agenda--to build a launch platform, but have found such joy in the interaction with other writers and bloggers that the agenda has truly become secondary.

Do you see why I write?? Oy! I am so long-winded! ;-)

Teresa Cypher aka T K CypherBuss said...

I will attempt brevity...honestly, I will :-)
3.I would get up in the morning, fix a pot of tea, sit at the computer and write for a while. Go for a walk, fix lunch, go back to the computer and write for a while, go outside and putter around for a bit, then fix dinner...I know...a pattern is forming :-)
4.Constant comment in the teapot, a couple of candles lit, and I am living inside my head--putting it into words on a screen.
5.I cannot recall specifics, but am sure it involved food :-) Probably homemade Hershey's fudge--the recipe that used to be printed on the outside of the cocoa tin.
6.I have done some neat things that frightened me at the time, rappelling, white water rafting, downhill skiing (fast), slalom water skiing, horseback riding on green-broke horses...but, perhaps it is my age showing...the scariest thing I have ever done--like I am doing right now, is putting words, my thoughts, my opinions, my ideas...out here for the public to read. The weight of words is nearly indescribable. And...if a writer or blogger has not yet sensed that, it will be humbling when they do. Whew...slipping into the longwind again.
7.Today? Wow...I scrubbed my kitchen floor...on my hands and knees. "Funny", you wonder? Because it was obviously a completely out of body experience, extreme, in fact--like someone else stepped into my body while I was out of it. Then they scrubbed my kitchen floor. My husband hopes they visit again. Sorry, lol, that question truly stumped me...*mumbling to myself about what a pathetic life I lead*

Teresa Cypher aka T K CypherBuss said...

8.Looking though my microscope at work. :-)
9.Mostly at my computer at home. I carry paper and a pen with me at all times, and jot down notes and ideas. But to actually sit down and write--specifics...in the living-room next to the window where I am looking out past the front porch into tall hardwood trees.
10. Richard is already taking you to Paris with him (great idea to let you translate, by the way). I think it must be Russia. Or Turkey... *flipping coin* Russia it is. There is so much to see...east meets west, east clashes with west...and the resultant culture centuries gone by...the mountains, the desert, the people and this: http://www.oddee.com/_media/imgs/articles/a279_Basil.jpg And since I think it might be a very intense trip, and you are funny and certainly quick-witted, I suspect that you and I could get through any tough spots with grace and humor.

There you have it. :-)

Tanya Reimer said...

Yes Vicki, I think that Rwanda is perfect for us! It's a trip we'll really have to make. Magic.

Cynthia, yes, why the heck not? Let's get our hula on. Fun.

Okay Richard, now that just sounds perfect. All relaxed, telling stories. Gee. I think I'm already there! Storytelling.

OMGosh Duta! You won my heart. Yes, yes let's go! Fantasy and history in action.

Hahahaha. Theresa you are just too much fun. Love your answers!!! I'll dream of Russia tonight. The trip sounds fantastic. We're going to have a blast. Adventure.

Gee. I feel like I'm back on holidays. These trips are awesome. thanks guys. Should get me through the week.

Valentina Hepburn said...

Hi, Tanya. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for tagging me. You have a shout out on my blog and my tag answers. I'm taking you to Africa, sweetie. Start packing!x

Shallee said...

I'm not much of a fan of big cities, either. Maybe to visit, but not to live!

It was fun to get to know a bit more about you. :)

Victoria Lindstrom said...

It is so great to have you back in blogosphere, girlfriend!! If I took you on a holiday I think we'd go to the the Bahamas - I need some sunshine!

The Golden Eagle said...

"Does my computer count?"


I'd take you to . . . hmmm . . . how about Japan? My first choice if I had to (realistically) pick somewhere in the world to visit would probably be Canada, but I take it you already live there. ;)

Margo Berendsen said...

Nice to learn more about you... and that favorite author one is really hard, I could list dozens and they change over the years - I certainly went through the Stephen King, Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz stage s too. But I haven't heard anyone mention Jean Auel in a long time. What great books!