Magical Spots

When my kids were born, people said things like “enjoy the magic” or “these are rare precious moments”. Sure, looking back I remember my daughter sitting in awe watching her new brother. As if he might actually do something magical. It was hard to tear her away from him, and I was sure she could be doing better things than staring at an infant.

And then?

He’d smile and make her whole day. She’d found a spot where magic blossomed. And it changed her life in a way no one else will ever understand and I doubt she even gets the true depth of.

Surprisingly, those magical moments don’t vanish as your children grow, they just sometimes take you off guard because you’re not sitting there in awe anymore, waiting for one action to sweep you away.

Of course, given that the holidays just passed, I did have all these magical moments creep up on me, but this post is about magical spots and so I thought I’d share with you the spot in our house that holds the most magic.

It’s a spot that only exists for a brief moment and will knock us into a deep peaceful sleep.

It’s created unexpectedly when Superman gets a call in the middle of the night. His alarm goes off making the rest of us jump up like we’re on fire. He’s out the door with his super speed and we are left with one pulsating guilty thought; “He just left a warm spot that smells all safe like him.” Umhum, that’s what you’d be thinking too, admit it.

I won’t roll into it until I’m sure one of the kids won’t brave the cold floor to enjoy the magic of it. Either way I win.

If the little guy falls into the magical spot, I’ll listen to it sweep him away. His breaths grow quick and shallow, tinted by happy dreams. The magic from the spot pours out to me, reminding me of how innocent a child is.

If the older one wins the spot the smile never leaves her lips. Like she won the lottery. Her breathes will fill me with this weird pride that I never expect. She doesn’t sound like a child sleeping anymore. Each breath is deeper, taking her away to a magical place only she knows. And that reminds me of how fun it is to grow up. How intriguing and appealing the world was to discover.

Nothing is scary when we lay in Superman’s warm spot. It’s just perfect and happy; magical.

Of course, when I win the spot, I fall off into some deep coma that I wake up from feeling all guilty, cause while Superman is off saving people, shouldn’t I be doing something beside sleeping in his spot? Something, I don’t know, all heroic and magical? I suppose I could, but somehow, I think he purposely leaves this spot to lure us in. It’s a comfort for him to know we’re safe at home and when he finds one of us enjoying the magic of his spot, it somehow gives him that push he needs. That’s his moment and I wouldn’t want to take that away from him.

What magical place have you discovered?


S.P. Bowers said...

I think you won't mind you sleeping in his spot while he's off saving the world. That way you'll be rested when Superman needs some taking care of. :)

My magical spots are wherever my family is.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

Hmm. I don't think I have a magical spot. Maybe I need to look harder.

Victoria Lindstrom said...

I realized several years ago that my magical spot is when our family can all be together. The holidays take on a whole deeper magic when we this year. Thanks for your heartfelt insight, Tanya.

Suzi said...

I guess I don't have a magical spot. But I love watching my kids sleep. So peaceful. So angelic. So quiet. :) You can appreciate them in soft silence. And maybe that's magical.

Laura Diamond said...

Ah it's the little moments that have the greatest impact. Lovely post!

Valentina Hepburn said...

Sounds lovely. Need to get me a magical spot xxx

Pk Hrezo said...

Aw this is a lovely post, Tanya. Being a mom, I know just the magic you speak of. I try to find more of them thruout the day when stress can settle in. I relish in those moments when I can steal glances of my kids and marvel at their beauty and innocence. Human life is truly a miracle.

Trisha said...

For some reason this post reminded me of PETER PAN!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, magical blog!