I'm Breaking Up With You, Bonehead

I just adore romance.  I just don't adore arguing with smart people who suddenly choose to be stupid, no matter how cute they are.

Dating Superman for Valentine's got me thinking about how easy it is to be with him, and well, that led to funny memories of how impossible it is to be with others.

These are the top two reasons I walked off a date and went home annoyed;
  • We argued (briefly, I really I didn't have time for people this annoying) over if Casey from Mr Dress Up was a girl or a boy. Idiot. And don't get me started cause I will unfriend you over this and slam the door in your face, facts are facts after all.
  • We argued (somewhat longer than the other argument cause this bonehead was adorable and I was willing to take the time to teach someone this cute) over Crocodile Dundee. Another idiot. He clearly checks Walter's watch before he pretends to read the sun for the time. Why would someone even argue that unless they were just trying to annoy me? Still, I gave my cutie a chance. About ten minutes later, for whatever reason, we were arguing about whether Casey was a girl or a boy!?! I had to walk away. I mean, that's my breaking point.
Mom always told me when it was the right one I'd see pass comments like this and let them slide. I was horrified. No. I would not pretend Casey was a girl and Crocodile Dundee wasn't a horny sap trying to impress a city chick. Casey is a boy, Mr Dress Up said so. I was there. Dundee checks his watch and then pretends to read the sun for the time. These weren't people's opinions, these were facts. I clearly needed to be with someone who paid attention to the world around them. Especially the imaginary one. Geesh.

What's the funniest reason you walked off a date? 

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope all your kisses are super and kinda magical.


Suzi said...

Never walked off a date, so can't give you any fun stories. :)

I had to look up Casey and Mr. Dressup. I am not Canadian, and therefore hadn't heard of him. Or don't remember. He looks like our (the US) version of Mr. Rogers.

Valentina Hepburn said...

I had to look them up too. And yes, I've walked off a date. Went on a blind date once. My friend's date was gorgeous, mine was, well...not! I could have cheerfully killed her. But, I'm willing to give everyone a chance. To cut a long story shor, it was like wrestling with an octopus that had a sink plunger for a mouth. I paid for my own ticket to the cinema so felt I didn't have to put up with this if I didn't want to...so I pretended I needed the Ladies and went home.
This happened a long time ago, but you can imagine how horrified I was when our neighbour's daughter got engaged to him. Yuk!

Richard Hughes said...

I had so few dates that I didn't dare walk off from any of them.

Teresa Cypher said...

I love this post! You are a hoot. I'm with the rest of the guys here, I never walked off a date, but thanks for sharing what are absolutely good reasons for doing so. You crack me up!

I'm from below the border, so we had Mr Rodgers. And hubby does know that Mick Dundee looked at his watch--and still occasionally pulls such trying to impress me. Hope he never stops.

We did just have a pretty good argument, though, on the way home from seeing The Life of Pi. lol And I'd stop way short of calling him a bonehead, but I still think I'm right.

Tanya Reimer said...

Mr Dress Up was a classic. lol Clearly cost me a few dates. hahahaha.

Oh man. Love your stories. Keep 'em coming.

Jess said...

That's hilarious! I especially can relate to the Crocodile Dundee one (YES, he checks the watch! Geez...). I haven't had very many dates in my life and I've never walked away from one. At least not until the food part was over :)

Victoria Lindstrom said...

I remember attending a high school dance my freshman year. My date was dreamy, but I soon discovered he was a dud. I told him my parents set a curfew for me at 9:00 PM and he took me home!

Anonymous said...

Because the guy and his friends made a joke about a disabled person and used an offensive word to describe that disabled person. Unfortunately, not a funny reason, but the only time I can remember walking away from a date.

David P. King said...

Not sure I ever walked off a date ... but I did instigate a breakup. Man, that was a rough couple of weeks. :)

Anonymous said...

I never walked off a date but I sure made him bring me home an hour after he picked me up! Cute post and loved reading the comments above!