How Harry Potter Changed the World

I like the idea of a magical story impacting the lives of children. Just this week I witnessed it several times.

The first time I heard about Harry Potter was from a teenager many years ago. She was a huge fan and kept making references to magic I wasn't getting so I started reading the books to get up to date. Since then, it seems everyone just lives and breaths the magic, and if I wasn't in the know, I'd be missing out on a lot of fun.

I was walking through the school to pick up some kids for an after school program when a six-year-old randomly stands in front of me all serious. He took a deep breath and just blurted out, "So where are you on the Harry Potter Lego Game? I'm stuck." Ha! Love it. Of course it ended up being a very in-depth gamer discussion.

And so I'm reading a book with my teen and after a shape-shifting scene she jokes, "Someone drank their polyjuice." I won't ever be able to read a shifting scene again without chuckles.

And I'm standing out in the cold, wrapped in my scarf when a young boy asks if I went to school at Hogwarts. He looked so serious. Why would someone ask that? Confused, it took me a moment to realized I was wearing my Gryffindor scarf. And so I played along and asked if he had attended the school of Wizardry and Witchcraft also. Of course he had.

Have you noticed the magic of a Potter fan?

I like it when a magical story impacts my life like that.


Richard Hughes said...

I've never read the books, but I've seen a couple of the movies. They've definitely brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.

E.J. Wesley said...

Definitely enchanted my wife and me, Tanya. We visited Potter World at Universal Studios Fla last year and literally shed a couple of tears of joy. LOL Those stories kept magic in our lives when you're prone to losing it (i.e., your 20s when you're forced to become an adult wether you want to or not :). They're what made me want to be a writer.

Loved this post, and hope you and yours are in the midst of a very special holiday season. :)


shayla kwiatkowski said...

I love the idea of cultural literacy, it is delightful. The Simpsons & Family Guy
allude to a lot of the cultural literacy snippets. You can enjoy the shows without knowing what they mean, but if you DO know, they are even more hilarious..

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Carming post. I loved those examples. Young people can be sooooo into things. It's infectious.

I really only read book one, but enjoyed both the story and the writing so much. As the books got bigger, I kept meaning to read them, but was too busy. When my life slows down a little, I'd like to read the whole series.

Suzi said...

I never read the books or saw the movies, yet. I kinda missed out on it when it all started and decided I'd wait til my kids were old enough to read/watch the books and movies.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that is awesome! Yes, it's true that magic will never be the same again. My 7 yo randomly yelled out "Avada Kedavra" the other day. I had to chide him that that's one of the unforgivable curses and you can't just go around using it blindly.


Shallee said...

That is so cute! I love how HP has become a part of daily conversation, kind of like Star Wars did. :)