Ten Minutes in the Cold

So it’s cold right now on the prairies. It might be cold elsewhere too but all I know is that it's 40 below cold here.

So this morning, I slipped on my ski pants and boots. Over my layers of shirts and sweaters I added the parka. I picked the warmest tuque, it's not mine, but it was sitting there so why not? The scarf was the one from Hogwarts that I bought in Florida where it’s probably not 40 below ever. And yes, I see the irony in that.

Now when I went to grab my mitts there was one glove and one mitt. Weird, but these things happen, I have no idea how. Somewhere out in the cold is someone I love wearing one mitt and one glove. Now we have hundreds of gloves and mitts, but all bundled up like I was, searching for them would be a feat and I was already running late, so I just grabbed the mitt and glove and headed out the door. 

About ten seconds in I noticed a cold spot on my leg. My boots must have pushed up my pants and my ski pants. I didn't have far to walk and figured I could probably tough it out. Over all, the walk should take a minute or two. Wrong. About ten more seconds in I couldn’t stand it and had to remove the glove to fix the problem. 

Bending over pulled my jacket up and it tangled in my layers of sweaters and my lower back was exposed. Did I mention it was 40 below? Seriously, when that cold hit my bare skin I must have opened my eyes to twice their size, which kinda burned and now they're really tired.

I put the mitt on and removed the glove. Because as you can imagine, that hand was cold by now. (I was feeling a bit like a whimp at this point.) And so I fixed my jacket, but I felt all tangled up underneath and I hate that. 

I glanced back at the house as I put the mitt on and wondered if going to work was really worth this effort. But! I was only a half a block away so I plunged forth. The road was covered in drifts so I thought myself brilliant and proceeded to climb one. It was soft and I soon discovered that I hadn't really fixed my boot problem, and I quickly found a place where my mitt wasn't tucked in enough. Nice to know after all these years I still can't dress myself properly.

Five minutes later, what did I see when I got to work? My door was buried, the shovel peeking out along the bottom and an impending avalanche loomed over the doorway from the roof. My thought process? Is it faster to dig in or go home? And trust me, speed was my goal here. I opted for digging, telling myself that I could get in in under 5 minutes. Besides it’s best to dig while the snow is soft and I’m kinda dressed for it.

Don’t you love winter? How are you staying warm?


Richard Hughes said...

You live close enough to walk to work? That's great no matter what the weather is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remind myself of what you're dealing with when I'm trying to keep my hands from turning numb on my cold steering wheel at minus 10 or 20. No matter how cold it gets here in upstate NY, it always seems to be colder where you are.

Stay warm and find that other mitten!

Suzi said...

Yup. We've been having that same fun temps. Time for some above zero, but we still have all of February, so I'm not very optimistic.

We often have mismatched gloves or mittens or whatever. I'll blame it on the kids. :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

It's been a brutal winter. Can't wait for spring!!!! I'm getting tired of walking my kids to the bus stop in the freezing weather, and trying to walk on the icy sidewalks. I'm just glad we haven't gotten to -40...but we've been pretty darn close.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

You have my sympathy re: such cold weather. We are so spoiled, here in Sacramento. 40 above feels cold after you've lived in this climate a number of years. Glad you made it to work okay. I hope the return trip afterwards wasn't as difficult.