Your Own Adventure

Everyone has a different outlook on life. This is clear. But, I'm about to tell you a story about three dogs going for a walk, and then you tell me, which adventure is for you.

It all started out as a beautiful sunny day. Is it safe to start a story that ends with me covered in frozen drool that way? I suppose so, since it's not really about me. So, I took my couch potato St Bernard and my sister's two bratty, but fun, terrier-type dogs, Buddy and Maggie for a walk. It began simple enough when I opened the front door. Like any adventure, none of us knew what to expect, but we had hope-- this would be great.

Quickly, I discovered that Buddy liked to run in leaps and bounds as if this was the party of the year. He never looked back to see if we were coming. Frankly, I don't think he cared about me at all. So I just let him go. What trouble could he get into, right? He was having fun, that's what life was all about, besides, I liked his life is a party attitude.
My own dog, Sara, stayed deep in the snowbanks, taking the road less travelled. Sometimes, she vanished completely in the snow to emerge in a victorious leap. It was very thrilling to witness. She even dug up something that she swallowed. Not sure what that was about, but she looked right proud of herself. Hmmm. Again, I let it go; her daring, let's go on an adventure spirit was inspiring.

Our journey was called to a halt when I realized we lost someone. Maggie was gone. Missing. Argh. She does that a lot. In fact, I have my suspicions that she's secret agent M, (a partner to that platypus on Phineas and Ferb.) Anyway. We backtracked, because, secret agent or not, I wasn't sure my sister's dog knew the way home, and I was curious where she was this time.

Ah there she was, sitting on Grandma's stoop, so innocently. Once she saw us, she raced home happy that we came back for her. This forced the rest of us to head home, too.

Buddy didn't seem to mind. If ever there was someone living a rockstar life, it was that dog.
Now, Sara was not impressed that her walk was cut short, because someone wanted to visit Grandma, so she played dead. Yup. A 180lb lump in a snowbank who ignored my sweet coaxing. The others came back to watch. I'm sure even the neighbours were watching. This was her idea of fun, not mine.
Frustrated that things weren't going the way I wanted, I got the leash out and climbed in the snow. Big mistake.

it was a trap we won't discuss

We did make it home, eventually. Covered in snow and frozen drool, I walked into the house, with all three dogs. We journeyed the same path. We started at home and made it back at the same time, yet not one of us had the same experience.
Sara took the hard way.
Buddy partied it up.
Maggie detoured to Grandma's for cookies or something. I didn't ask-- secrets agents prefer if you mind your own business, besides she can get a little mean if I confront her about things, so I keep it light.
That left me, trying to control the chaos so everyone else can be happy.

What an adventure life can be, and that was just a walk.

So what path did you walk today?


Richard Hughes said...

I've taken three dogs for a walk at the same time. I was constantly untangling their leashes, or untangling myself from the their leashes.

Suzi said...

That's so funny.

And isn't it funny how dogs seem to find things to eat and you have no idea what it is.

Last year I was walking my dog. She's usually one to be pulling on the leash, ahead of me. She stopped to sniff and I just kept walking, the leash long enough, then she started behind me, and stayed behind me. Which is unusual. So I look back and she's right behind me, walking, with a bun in her mouth.

It was a sidewalk next to a detention pond. Houses across the street. But not sure how those buns would've gotten in the grass in the first place.


Jyoti Mishra said...

Simple acts are so full of adventures and funny stories. Our life is a series of such acts. We just need a little time to sit back and enjoy it.

Tanya Lynne Reimer said...

Richard, yes it's nice here that once we get out of town they can run through the fields with no worries. Those leashes are handy in town until my St Bernard sees a cat... lol. Always an adventure.

Suzi! That is so funny. And they look so dang proud, too.

That's right Jyoti! How does one remember to enjoy each moment? Not always easy covered in frozen drool. :)