National Family Literacy Day

This year for National Family Day I thought I'd share a few Saskatchewan authors.

One of our favourite series is the Tunnels of Time. There is a magic about them tunnels that sucks us in!

The very shocking ending and the thrilling writing of Cambrian will haunt ya. 

Who Has Seen The Wind was filmed in a town not far from where I live. 

I enjoyed the very interesting tale of Dust. Love it when magic happens on the prairies.

Margaret Atwood isn't from Saskatchewan, but she is Canadian. So I'll squeeze her in the list, because I can.

Books by Saskatchewan authors

And some French ones. ;) 

Have you enjoyed any books lately by authors from your area?


Richard Hughes said...

I'm impressed. There's something in the water there that generates writers.

Suzi said...

I probably should know more about local authors, but I don't. It's good to support people from our community or state. (or province in your case. :)

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Those look like some great reads! I'm glad you squeezed in Margaret Atwood. She's one of my favorite authors. But Tunnels of Time looks pretty good, too. So many of them look like good reads!