Short Story is Out Today

Just an update, my short story The In-Between is out today in the anthology by Solstice Publishing.
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The In-Between

A Story from Project 9 Vol 4 Anthology

Destinies link in the in-between.

A routine surgery lands Cindy in a strange empty hospital that can only be some type of dream linking her between death and life. Running the hallways, searching for a way out, she meets others, entwining their fates beyond this In-Between.

I loved writing this story as it took me on an interesting journey. Yes, I could see this In-Between world, but like magic, the things that happened there, affected the real world and the after-this-life one taking Cindy by surprise, and me a little bit. I had no idea destinies were so connected. 


DUTA said...

Surgery and hospital, life and death - these topics are part of almost everyone's journey. So, they're never boring, and of great interest to us readers.

Richard Hughes said...

What an interesting idea for a story. I had a pretty strange experience after having my appendix removed maybe fifteen years ago. Now I'll have to see if I can turn that into a story. Congrats on being published again.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Congratulations on having your story out and anthologized. What an intriguing idea. I love themes like that.