The Legend of Whisperers

In the beginning of time, when God made the world, he split the creatures into two. Those with magic and those without. Every creature had a place but those with magic were fascinated by those without. They intervened in the non-magic world known as the mortal realm to teach. One group in particular began to integrate themselves into this mortal world: the Whisperers.

Whisperers were immortal. They called themselves a conscience for mortals and they took upon the task of guiding them along their intriguing journey.

Purposely, Whisperers led their parties astray to see what would happen and to study the results. God grew tired of the abuse and decided to offer them a chance to live as the mortals do. Each immortal was split in two. He ordered them to pair up with mortals and learn hands on how to live without magic, to die, and to love. He offered their magic to demons and promised that if Whisperers found their other half and were content with what they’d learnt, He’d allow them to return to the heavens as the immortals they once were. 

Time passed. Powerless and confused they were forced to try new things. Some earned back their magic from demons; others discovered memories and secret worlds known as realms. Always, they had this need to guide and teach the creatures from the mortal realm and sometimes, magic seeped into to their teachings. They didn't limit themselves to just humans, but animals, elements, even insects were at their mercy.

Slowly Whisperers found their powers and each other. They regrouped into families with leaders, counsellors, and rules. They left behind Notebooks to remind the next family of Whisperers of what they were and what they could do with their spells. They called their enchantment spells, whispers.

Each Whisperer grew in a new way and focused on a unique ability to whisper to as their calling. A Storm Whisperer whispers to nature. A Light Whisperer guides and controls the light that is someone’s spirit. A Love Whisperer or cupid controls their emotions. A Dark Whisperer encourages good people to do bad things. And so on...

In these families, they grew more powerful and vowed to never whisper alone. As they passed from life to life, reincarnating, pairing up with human souls, demonic souls or even with each other, they changed. This change was seen in their souls as a greyish colour. The transition could take one breath or thousands of lives.

As Grey Whisperers, their ultimate goal became to reach enlightenment and return to the heavens as gods. They remembered why they were here and in the remembering came an understanding. They mastered magic. They travelled to other realms. They understood concepts others didn’t and enjoyed teaching and learning. Some found their soulmates. All struggled with a new sensation; they felt more mortal than Whisperer, and this made them hesitate to return to the heavens, as they finally understood that they were unworthy of whispering to mortals

They deepened their studies and worshiped false gods in hopes that they would one day be worthy.

Their legends are many...
                                   their stories touch our lives...
                                     their whispers change the world.

*Note: in 2109 mortals had no idea what demons were and when demons took over the mortal realm, turning men to stone, they called them bogies, which came from a legend of a boogie monster that hid under children’s beds. The monster was actually Demon Mischief and the legend is true.

The first of the Whispering Tales by Tanya Reimer is PETRIFIED

It's takes place in 2115. They have Notebooks they don't understand and they have each other. But is that enough to save the world they've come to love?
Cover by Amber Rendon


A Whispering Tale 
By Tanya Reimer
Sunbury Press
ISBN: 978-1-62006-358-3 (Trade Paperback) 
ISBN: 978-1-62006-359-0 (Mobipocket) 
ISBN: 978-1-62006-360-6 (ePub)

Legends say that when all hope is lost, Grey Whisperers will save the world.

It’s 2115 and hope is lost.

Bogies attack on the Saskatchewan prairies turning men to stone. Grey Whisperers have vanished.

Yet one boy has faith. Gabe might only be thirteen but he’s studied Notebooks written by Grey Whisperers
all his life. He believes they will come.

Even after bogies haul off his brother and pick Gabe as their next target,
he refuses to give up.

On the run, he befriends two special Whisperers. Together they use his Notebooks to tame the ghostly monsters with nothing but magical whispers. The trio set out to fight the enemy behind the attacks but the truth puts in question everything they believe in, even their friendship.


Richard Hughes said...

Sounds like the foundation of some fantastic tales. It'll be interesting to see how they work their magic in PETRIFIED.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the first of your whispering tales finally seeing the light of day. Can you believe this is the first of your books I ever read - all those years ago?! Best of luck to an awesome person and writer.