Inside a Writer's Mind

No one sees our first drafts. Sometimes, for several good reasons.

Yet, Don Britt recently took on a challenge to write 24 novels in 1 year. Think that's insane, right? It gets worse. He puts his work on line, LIVE. That's right. What he writes, as he writes it. Okay, that proves our winters are too long in Canada, and in itself, it's enough for me to drive to his house and take his temperature. But it screams even more intervention time than that, you see, each book has to be done in a 72h period.

I can't even comprehend that part. 72 hrs.

At first, I thought, what is he doing? Has he gone mad? Is this what happens to writers after years of juggling life and writing? Is this a new form of suicide?

I mean, gee, I thought I was a sucker for punishment, but I can't even justify self torture like this. Most I ever wrote was four books in a year, and the ones that pass the potential test will take years of editing/revising before anyone else gets to breathe near them.

Still, I was intrigued and looked up his website.  (Admit it, you will too.)

Now I'm hooked.

It was exciting to get inside the head of another writer, to see how he gets from point A to point B, in a first draft. A first draft. Wow, that takes guts.

I'm really rooting for him too. ( I say this as I clutch my seventeenth draft tighter.) Yeah, glad it's not me, still you know... some weird little twisted part of me wishes it was.

We do insane things for a rush, don't we? Cripes, I'm tempted to try.

Good luck Don and I hope you have fun, because honestly, that's what life is all about.


E. Arroyo said...

Yeah, he' LOL.

That would send me off the deep end.

Regina said...

Wow, amazing. Thanks for the link. I will have to check him out. I don't think I am brave enough to post that much or try to write that much, but I commend him.

Beth said...

I'm just wondering how long his novels are...I haven't the time right now to sit down and read them, but there can't be any way that he can write 50000 words in 3 days unless he doesn't sleep, eat, poop, pee, or otherwise do anything other than type and breathe. I'm just wondering if the stories make any sense. I will have to bookmark his site to read when I have some extra time on my hands.

Tanya Reimer said...

Each book has to be over 100 pages, from my experience that's about 20,000 words, and it's do able, I have typed that many pages in three days during one of my binges- only one, and I don't recommend it, or remember it. Now that was pages, you know, bits of scenes I had to vomit out, my plot hadn't climaxed or resolved, in fact two months later I'm still piecing them together...
Anyway, you have to read his work to believe it. If you're like me, it'll just nag at you until you do, anyway.