Top 10 for January

Top ten signs that winter has just gotten too long.
Be sure to leave yours.
10. Even my Saint Bernard sighs while looking out the window.
9.   My shovel is buried but who cares?
8.   Walking half a block to the rink feels like a trek I might not survive.
7.   All my writing involves shivers, goosebumps, and chills.
6.   My husband gives me ten minute updates on the weather and every second word is ploughing.
5.   When the power goes out, the kids head for blankets, not flashlights.
4.   Nobody wants to take a sick day, yet everyone is sick.
3.   News story of the week is parents meeting to play.
2.   Stories about sunny Florida piss me off, Cuba too.
1.   I ate the chocolate bar in my winter survival kit and it was stale.


E. Arroyo said...

Love this! I also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a sylish blogger award. you can pick it up here

Thanks for the great info

The Happy Whisk said...

Hi. I'm Ivy and I just found your blog. And that's a pretty good list. I love the chocolate at the end.

J.L. Campbell said...

Hey, Tanya,

Number ten paints a funny visual for me. I can picture that Saint Bernard sighing! Here's hoping the weather turns warm soon. Even in the islands, it's been a bit chilly these past few months.