From the Mouths' of Tweens

Ever look for just the right words to describe something, only to have someone out word you?
I bought a beautiful pink dish soap, because I liked the description on it.
For sensitive hands. 
Sounds delightful, no? 
My daughter says it smells like;
Yay let's do dishes!
Ah. Can't you just smell the joy in a scent like that?
I'll be doing those dishes with vigour now.
 Funny gal.


Gina said...

My boss bought me Peppermint Snow dishsoap from Williams Sonoma, and it smelled so darn good that I actually DID enjoy doing the dishes! The basil scented one is also amazing if your daughter needs some motivation :)

Vicki Tremper said...

Wow, she is awesome! I can't imagine a dish soap smelling like Yay let's do dishes. Enjoy that Ms. Organization!

Richard said...

Sounds like your daughter has no more excuses for not doing the dishes.

Tanya Reimer said...

HAHA! I'll tell her that Richard! See how excited she is about THAT!

Reece said...

I don't often get out-worded...mostly because I can never seem to find just the right word. And because of that, I kind of hate Mark Twain now (not really).