When the Eyes Dance

Our eyes meet.
I was doing a little research-- no surprise there--
and stumbled on this very interesting book;
How to Read and Use Body Language
by Anna Jaskolka.
I was looking for the body language of a liar, since my next character lives a double life.
It was very helpful.
Yet somehow, I ended up with pages and pages of notes on flirting-- ah, no surprise there either.

I'll share what the eyes are doing, because each body part flirts in its own way.

Now, if someone is interested in you, their eyes make a little journey--she calls it a courtship dance--and it goes something like this ( in my own notes);

By now, our friends have faded to background noise. Perhaps they left.
There is but one question in his eyes as they search mine.
Satisfied with my unspoken answer, he lingers on my lips. The pause is brief, almost pleading, and it doesn't end there. He settles dreamily on the cusp of my neck, tasting me with his intense stare, but finally his eyes journey back to mine.
A tiny smile teases before I request it, perhaps his new question triggers it. 
This time, as his eyes wander, mine mirror his, letting him guide me in our dance. 

Now serious flirting will require longer eye contact, but this varies between the couple, and she is great at giving examples for the different types of couples out there. An example; to show interest, in general, men hold strong eye contact, while a gal shows interest with a flirting smile, yet still returns the eye contact, even if it's not as strong a hold, but more a teasing one.

So of course, I didn't let my new found knowledge end there. What are other experts saying on the subject? My research deepened, searching for more answers to my unspoken question. The Best information about site confirms that eye contact is crucial in flirting. Many others did too, but I liked their post the best, so that's the link I'm leaving you with.
Well. Enough said about that. I know just how I can use this information. Gotta go. My hunky cowboy just brought back the key my heroine is looking for. Maybe their eyes will do a little dance on paper.


Gina said...

There's an entire TV show dedicated to spotting the signs of lying, aptly named Lie to Me. I've never watched it, but maybe it could help with your research.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tanya. I saw your comment just now on Richard Hughes' post about my memoir that was just published, and I came over here to meet you.

This example is quite good. It isn't easy to write about eyes without being trite. I'm thinking now about the eye contact in my memoir; and how powerful it is in a situation where the emotions have been building and building.

This is a great post. Glad I found it.
Ann Best, Memoir Author

Tanya Reimer said...

Thanks Gina, that WILL be helpful. Never heard of it.

Welcome Ann! Your memoir sounds so darn good. Will be stopping by.

Vicki Tremper said...

We watch Lie to Me - great show.

I took a writing body language class online about two years ago. It was great. Google Margie Lawson. She also offers downloads of her class packets for a lower price than the class. The class I took had a lesson about the signs of lying. I have notes somewhere...

Regina said...

The body language is really interesting and thanks for the information. Great stuff that can be reference material when writing. I love having resources!! :D

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Good info about both lieing and flirting. In my present W.I.P., for young people, no one is flirting yet. Too young. But not too young to fib! I'd certainly like to know more about the body language for that.

Margo Berendsen said...

Do a little dance on paper - I like that! I find when I flirt with my husband my eyebrow always gets involved too.

Tanya Reimer said...

Oh thanks for the tip Vicki! Adding an expert to my research is just what I need.

Isn't that true Regina? I'm always on the look out for books about odd things! Found a real gem the other day on the first pages of the NewYork Times. Full of story ideas.

Ha! Elizabeth, isn't that true, never to young to fib.

HAHA! Oh Margo. Dancing eyebrows as you explore your husband, are for a different post all together! Stay tuned.