Ah, To Be 34 Again

Well, this week I turn 35. Normally, birthdays slip by unnoticed in my world, but this one does need attention. I mean, it is 35. Plus, with all the things happening in my life, it feels like I should stop and reflect for a moment. Just a brief one, to  make sure I'm ready.
Ever get those moments, where you pause and take inventory before heading out again on the path of life?

Now, there are good things about being 35 so I plan to enjoy the following;
-My new found power of turning the volume way down or way up with no one questioning it.
-The fact that I can ruin, and I mean ruin, any meal I want by eating ice cream before it, and no one tells my mom.
-Speaking of moms, she gave up on reforming me to her cleaning ways, and now calls my house "lived in." I feel like I won a life long battle against disappointment.

Of course, there are some weird things about being 35 too, and like some crab crawling in the sand toward me, I could see these things coming, but I ignored them until they snipped at me;
-I told someone I was 33 only to realize 2 days later how wrong I was. Doesn't matter, I don't remember who I told this to. hmmm.
-My friends and I discuss the odd-wild-untameable-grey hair, and not our out-of-control children. I suspect soon, we'll just love them for the joy they are. Denial?
-My daughter tells me I have the coolest old people clothes. Yay me?

Now giving up certain things isn't easy, yet I did give up trying to lose those prego pounds. Yay me!
I even gave up trying to understand certain things and just accept them for the pain in the back they are.
I accept the fact that some things annoy me, make me bitter, and that I am not the all motherly, loving, happy person I never used to be.

So what are my goals? I only have three, and they didn't change since the last time I took inventory. (When I turned 30.)

my goals;
-I want to learn to surf. Coming from Saskatchewan, this is HUGE. And involves swimming lessons and me standing on a beach at awe of waves I had no clue could be so noisy.
I have no logical reason for wanting to this, I just do.
-I want to actively participate in community development in another country. Don't get me wrong, I love working as a community development officer here, but when I read articles about 14 year old married girls who go through childbirth alone... well... there might be a more useful place for me and my husband to use our skills.
I have no reason for feeling this way, I just do.
-I want to hold one of my books, sign my name in it, and hand it to someone who I know will enjoy it.
Again, I have no reason for dreaming about this, I just do.

Now, based on those goals, I did learn somethings I need to... ah... work on this year;
-I need to learn to swim BEFORE I try surfing again. yeah.
-I need a better retirement plan than a library of books if I intend to volunteer in another country. huh.
-I have to actually send my MS out if I expect to see it in print. Who knew? 

So. I do have new rules for this year, just to make things easier. 
-Always take a moment for myself, one to spoil a loved one, and one to help others outside my box.
-Enjoy a rockstar life at least once a month.  
-Never try to save an animal in danger without gloves on.
-Never catch a falling cactus without gloves on.
-In fact, there are a few other reasons to keep my gloves on, I'll just keep them handy.
-Always, always sleep with a nightlight on.

Should be fun. I'm ready. Bring on 35! I plan to kick some serious words this year! oh yeah.


erica and christy said...

HA!! This was the perfect post to read since I'm also 35. For exactly 19.5 more days.... :)

Charlie said...

As a young man of 48, I can assure you that life gets better. It does so because we get wiser as we go and make less mistakes, we sweat the small stuff less and less every day and learn to appreciate what's important, and we actually look forward to retirement so there's all the time in the world to pursue dreams and goals we didn't have the time for when we had responsibilities.

And the kids move out!

Happy Birthday Tanya. I'm getting ready to write my bucket list too.

Vicki Tremper said...

Happy Birthday d'avance!

I remember 35 as a good year - I had my youngest son that year, which means I got very little sleep and don't really remember anything. Oh well.

Learning to swim is a prerequisite for learning to surf. You'll have to come visit us and we'll take you to the Jersey Shore when you're ready. We have a friend down there who surfs.

If you're into gloves, you really need to read White Cat and Red Glove by Holly Black. (And, OMG, it takes place in NJ - I sense a theme.)

Go on now, back to writing!

Christie Koester said...

Happy Birthday from one gemini to another:)

Tanya Reimer said...

Just posting this for Richard, since blogger has it in for him this week.

I tried commenting on your post about turning 35, but no luck.

Mainly I wanted you to give a little more info about being a rock star, like, which kind of rock star? The Britany Spears kind, the Madonna kind, the Elvis kind, the Beatles kind...?
Anyway, happy birthday in a few days.


Tanya Reimer said...

Hi Erica! Well enjoy what's left of 35 then! hehe

Charlie, you always make life sound like Utopia. Which is such a beautiful attitude. Hope you'll share your bucket list too!
Maybe we can keep each other motivated.

Gee Vicki, sounds like a good reason to stop by for a visit, eh? Do you surf? Or will I be doing this solo while you laugh at me?

Thanks Christie!

Now as for your question Richard, really, it will depend on my mood. I fancy the sleeping in part, since I haven't done that in 11 years. I'd like to do what I want with my afternoon-- basically wasting it away with good times-- and then working on my gig late into the night. Throw in a few screaming fans to keep me motivated and I'm golden.

Autumn Shelley said...

Ah, welcome to the club! Wait until you take stock of fabulous 40! Ugh! In my mind I'm still 32). Oh well, hang in there and yes, in order to publish we have to submit those darn MS's. I'll let you know when I get up the nerve to start sending mine out! ;)

Duta said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I like your first new rule for being 35 - the one with taking a moment for yourself, to spoil a loved one, and to help others. Good thinking!