So you Think you Can Handle Any Book? Think Again, Pansy.

That's right. I found a book that has me speechless, yet I shove it at you with my eyes wide open in horror. Not because it sucks. Oh contraire, mon ami. This book is fantastic!!!!! (Yes 5 exclamation points-- FIVE!) I’m afraid words will ruin the magic! Let my eyes tell the tale.

But! It is not a book for you pansies who like happy endings. Yet... the ending is about as happy as it can get, really it is. I was never so satisfied by a morbid ending in my entire life! Ah.... magic. Have I got you curious yet?

I do just want to share it with everyone but I do it with a warning, because this is a story about a devil of sorts who takes over a little girl. And more than once it turned me into a monster. I wanted to reach into Don’s world and kill the innocent heroine myself. Don's writing is just that powerful. It consumed me, made me forget that it was just a story. I wanted to save her from herself and just end her miseries.

When you walk away from Cambrian it’s with a deep breath, because even days later you’re still praying that nothing like this will ever happen to you or those you love. 

I can't recommend this book to anyone who wants to live in their happy fantasies. Sorry boys and girls, this is a story of a little girl who is about to go to hell and back again, and somehow, she'll survive even when she doesn't. Make sense? Oh hell, just read the damn thing will ya?


Visit Don over at to view is act of Insanity. For more details see my previous posts on the subject, as it's clear, I'm slightly obsessed with the lunacy of his idea. ;) Don Britt Shares, A Peek Into Don Britt's Act of InsanityThe Drunken Bliss of a 1st DraftUpdate On Inside a Writer's MindInside a Writer's Mind!!!

Read anything with a horribly dark ending that still made you happy it ended that way? That is some good writing eh?

Pick up Cambrian, it was a fun read.
"My blood is in you now.
Until now she had looked on those words as nothing but a threat. A kind of vicious promise, meant to torture her. But now, for the first time another possibility occurred to her.
She thought of vampires and of the dark gift they bestowed, the ability to do new and frightening things.
My blood is in you now.
What if these words were more than a threat? What if they spoke of a dark gift she had been given? A gift that gave her the power to visit strange worlds."- Cambrian by DJ Britt


Devin Bond said...

Oo. I'm intrigued! I must go find this and read it now! If only I had monies... T_T

Vicki Tremper said...

Wow, I guess you liked it. Sounds powerful.

Richard said...

I don't read horror. It scares me too much. Does that make me horrible?

Anonymous said...

Don Britt commented on So you Think you Can Handle Any Book? Think Again, Pansy.

Tanya, you're the best friend a writer could find. This review is a wonderful gift. In this big bad indifferent world, where we wordsmiths toil in hopes that our scribblings will one day see the light of day, it is so incredibly encouraging to a find a soul who's willing to give a hearing. That you did, and were so moved by my tale of terror, means the world to me.

From one wordsmith to another, an all my heart thanks.

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Tanya Reimer said...

Devin go check it out- it's very affordable!!!

Haha Vicki, you know how excited I can get about these things, eh? Books move me to chills.

Oh Richard, it always makes me smile; we'll find a book we both like yet! lol. Actually, this one scared me a little too. Gotta love that.

Wow Don! Welcome to my little witty site! hee hee. It's always so nice to have an author drop in when I post a review of such a fantastic book! What a treat! I hope you bless us with more of your brilliant words. Looking forward to them.

Anonymous said...

Cherie commented on So you Think you Can Handle Any Book? Think Again, Pansy.

If you're gushing this much, it must be good! :)

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DUTA said...

No, I don't think I can handle any book, but I'm glad for anyone that can.

You sound so enthusiastic of this particular book, that I feel happy for you just by reading your review .

Anonymous said...

Sam commented on So you Think you Can Handle Any Book? Think Again, Pansy. -

WOW! Powerful stuff. Thanks for the intro to the book! :D

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Anonymous said...

Donna K. Weaver commented on So you Think you Can Handle Any Book? Think Again, Pansy. -

Oooo ...

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*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Powerful!
I'm intrigued!

J.L. Campbell said...

Sounds like an extra-ordinary read. I might be one of those pansies you're talking about. :O

Anonymous said...

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