Kiss Already Blogfest

Happy Valentine's Day

There was a tie, so I posted both kissing scenes, but I kept them real short, no... ah.. foreplay?
Read the one you want, and thanks for stopping by.

THE PLEADING KISS from Surviving the Storm.
Short and sweet, this is the exact moment where they cave. Up until this point, they've been fighting it, but now, they're about to die.
This is fantasy and he's a storm whisperer.

“Make me a storm before you leave.” My lips grazed his. It was all the push he needed. Thunder echoed through the entire house as we gave in.         

THE DAMNED KISS from Finding Balance.
Sly has just phased into She-devil. After trashing the room, the seducer gets her pinned long enough for one brief kiss.

   Claws teased the scars on my shoulders, entrancing me. Her growl deepened, but the tip of her tongue sneaked out to wet her lips. My God woman.   
Her lips... they were Sly’s, and they begged for a kiss. Like the heroin, the morphine, they sucked me in. Slow at first, but I felt myself stumbling, melting into them.
    She tasted like Sly.
    I was lost in her. A final overdose to numb the endless pain.
    Blissful heaven.
    Her claws sunk in. Maybe hell wasn’t far off.

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Richard said...

The second one is obviously about more than a kiss. The kiss of death, maybe? To be honest, I'm not much into the paranormal, if that's what this book is.
Both are well written and completely different from each other, but the genre is something I'm not familiar with. But I'm always trying to learn. Good luck with your submissions if these are part of the contest.

Tanya Reimer said...

Thanks for the nice comments Richard, these are both Urban Fantasies. And both are very different books indeed. LOL

Lindz said...

Oh, wow! They are both fab, but the second one really got me. So torturous and tantalizing- makes for a very complex read. Well done!

Angela Scott said...

Nice kissing scenes. They're so hard for me to write (I always worry it comes off more cheesy than romantic).

Nice to meet you crusader.

Charli Mac said...

AWESOME! Love the first one, make me a storm before you leave...

The second's last line is flawless and leaves me wanting more, like a really good kiss!

Meika said...

Okay, so both of these are seriously hot and intriguing. I must know more!

E.C. Smith said...

Hey Tania! Great kissing scenes. I really liked both!

Big wave from a fellow crusader. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Great kissing. I really liked the second cone. :D

Pk Hrezo said...

ooooo... I like it! "lips that begged for a kiss..." Yeah, baby! Bring it!

Gina said...

Oooooh I love that first one!! There's nothing better than giving in to the forbidden. Nice job!

Christina Lee said...

I couldn't help reading both. And both last lines really rocked it out of the park! Good stuff!

Donna Weaver said...

"A final overdose to numb the endless pain.
Blissful heaven.
Her claws sunk in. Maybe hell wasn’t far off."


Melissa said...

You are EXCELLENT at writing last lines!!! LOVE IT!

Michael Offutt said...

I found you through the crusade. would you define the genre of urban fantasy (saw that is what you write). I kinda know what it is but want to make sure.

Tanya Reimer said...

Welcome to the crusade Michael. Urban fantasy is a fantasy that happens in the real world. (like the vampires that are so blasted popular). These two excerpts are from the real world of 1917, of course my heroes aren’t vampires, but they use magic and demons, among other things, to guide and heal the innocent.

Autumn Shelley said...

Hey Tanya!
Thanks for stopping by, and I REALLY liked scene #2 BTW. Very steamy, very angsty, and who doesn't like hot seasoned with a healthy dose of torment?

Loralie Hall said...

These were so different but both so hot and enticing. The second one had a distinctly tantalizing feeling of danger on top of the seduction. Very sexy

Raquel Byrnes said...

I liked the second one best, but they were both very passionate. Great job.
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