Stick To The Truth, Liar

I double checked, and I am following EVERYONE. 217. Done.
All new friends, welcome to my home away from home, I do a lot of nothing here, it's where I procrastinate, dream, gab, share stories-- in no order. Please, make yourselves at home. Bienvenue chez moi!

Now, onto the lying...
Wow, I read some real whoppers in this contest. Nicely done, crusaders. So, three SOMEONES guessed my lie, well... close enough that I'm proud of them, because really, we just met.

What we choose to lie about is very revealing to our character. How we choose to lie, even more so. I studied the art of lying briefly, because my characters in the Notebook Chronicles like to play a little game that involves lying to each other or not lying. Like cubs, wrestling to learn, they push each other to their limits.

Now, I am not a liar. Not even a little bit. I love the truth, and if I can't tell you the truth, for whatever reason, I'll keep my mouth shut. You can read my silence, as you want. Still, I'll share with you, a few of the points I learnt about lying, or not lying. I've included examples from my last post.
  • Exaggerating the truth is not a lie, if you warn everyone that you do this. (Ok, so the blades were not exactly flying at me. I warned you that I exaggerate for flare, so that's not a lie.)
  • Telling the truth, but not ALL the truth is not a lie. (I did write 11 books, but they aren't all ready for representation, only 2 are. 5 need work, 4 are shelved in my written word cemetery.)
  • Being sarcastic is not a lie. (The witty remark. I still can't discuss it without giggling, sorry.)
  • When you do lie, surround it by distracting truths. (I was in fact printing a newsletter with the music blaring.)
  • Most importantly, believe what you say to be true, and others will too. (I really am a storyteller.)
I suck at lying, in real life, probably because I hate it when people lie to me. So, I practiced on my puppy for the entire summer, and this was her reaction to my efforts; (true story)

When you said the water was warm, I assumed
you meant warm enough for me.
This sucks.
Why do I believe anything
you say?
(Witty, I know, I know.)

The lie in my crusader challenge?
Anyone who knows me would have glanced at that page and snorted.
"No one's gonna believe you baked!" 
Congrats to Julie, L.A., and Liz who sorta detected my lie!
I was eating chips with yummy dip (a rare treat- it would normally be chocolate but I'd already finished it off while writing the newsletter), not a cookie I baked myself.
I have no ingredients to even bake a cookie. Sad, I know. The last time I baked, it was to teach my daughter how not to burn things. We failed, but ate them anyway. Yum.

"I like the lie better. Let everyone believe you're at home baking cookies, it's safer than admitting you torture yourself by trying to write. No one would believe you're that stupid anyway."-- my conscience.


Gina said...

Ha ha- if I had told that lie, anyone who knows me would have been able to call me on it immediately. I can cook, but I HATE baking!

And I suck at lying too. Have a great day!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Oh this sounds like it was a blast:) I was going to join the crusade but I am signed up for the A to Z challenge and I think they overlap.

Tracy said...

I give you mad props for having followed all the crusaders already. I'm still absolutely slugging my way through the list. Hence the reason why I'll not be participating in the first challenge. Dagnabbit!

Of course, this would be a lot easier if Google Reader would cooperate with me, but I think I've crashed it.

Richard said...

How in the world can you possibly keep up with 217 blogs? I can hardly keep up with my own. I've been scrolling through them and looking for some that I would like to follow, but it's slow going.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Your puppy is adorable!!

Michael Offutt said...

I lie about my weight mostly to myself.

Louise said...

Interesting and extremely attractive blog!! (whispers - same background as mine).

Fellow crusader making my rounds. I don't lie either - well not much. Only a tiny bit. Sometimes.

Tanya Reimer said...

Here's a link for those of you who need to learn how someone insane like me manages 250 plus blogs and still writes full time while working full time, and raising kids full time. Any questions, email me, I love sharing.

Thanks Rachel for the link.

Nick Thomas said...

I never lie, and that's the truth. Or is it?

erica and christy said...

Haha, I don't bake either (just ask my son, whose birthday is today). And you followed THEM ALL???? Wow, that's a lot of time...but thanks!

Deborah Walker said...

Hi, Tanya. I'm still wondering how to manage all the great blogs. Thanks for the link to Rachel's post.

Gina Blechman said...

I don't know which I prefer, your lie or the picture of your doggy! Why is it that so many of these contest posts make me hungry....

<3 Gina Blechman (fellow crusader)

Sully's Scribbles said...

You go girl! Good job on following everyone. I still think I'm missing a few people. :P I wanted to drop in and say hi to a fellow crusader and group member XD.

Trisha said...

Yeah, if I'd said that I would have been lying too :P

Well done on following everybody ;) I was burned out big time after I had finished. lol