What Type of Kiss Do You Like?

Here's how this blogfest works. Hosted by write-brained and STINA Thanks for the fun ideas!!
1. Sign up on the hosts websites.
2. On February 14th (Valentine's Day), post an excerpt from either your own work, or another's authors work you admire (give them credit, though).
*But* make sure the excerpt is no longer than 250 words (it's tiring to read long excerpts). And if there's an intro to the scene, please, keep that short too!
Oh, and *don't forgot*, this is an actual KISSING SCENE! So go crazy :D
3. To make this *really simple*, we won't require you read everyone's entry (that's exhausting)! How about just 3-5 other entries?

Sounds like fun, eh? Bet I read more than 5.

This will be the biggest excerpt I've ever posted!
Now, which one will I pick.... dum dum dum...
I've narrowed it down to 5! **I had no idea I wrote so many kissing scenes, but I had a few dozen to chose from**
How about a vote to let me know what type of kiss you want to read about this Valentine's:
(Rules for voting; pick one or two that intrigue you, and leave your choices in the comments. Sucker with the most interest by the 13th at supper, I'll post on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the help, it's not that I'm indecisive, I just can't ever make up my mind.-- so what type of kiss do you like?)

In no order whatsoever;
1. THE PLEADING KISS. These two are about to die, and they've been fighting this moment. -- from Surviving the Storm

2. THE DAMNED KISS. The seducer isn't normally shy around women but his demon girlfriend is a real beast - just for the record- if you pick this one, you're as sick as I am-- from Finding Balance

3. GETTING BUSTED. These two just got busted in the broom closet. He's a dead man anyway, might as well finish that incredible kiss, right?--from Whispering to Spirits

4. THE IMAGINARY KISS. Yup, these two shouldn't be kissing, so they don't, again. -- from Finding Balance

5. THE DARING KISS. The first time they kissed, the cupids just about killed each with their out of control magic, now they're back for seconds. -- From Breaking Cupid

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Lindz said...

I'm sold. Definitely #2

Charlie said...

Right off the bat, the best kiss I've ever had was "A getting back together again/I'm soooo sorry Kiss." We both felt a little shock when it happened - literally! I don't have a favorite literary kiss. Honestly, romance doesn't interest me much in books. The romantic scenes I needed to include were brief. You could read those scenes in 30 seconds! ha ha

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, nothing beats a real kiss, but I'd say post about #1. Or whichever excerpt is the shortest. (You don't want people skipping it because the excerpt is too long!)