Why Do You Write?

Really, why do I write? It eats up all my free time, I spent sleepless nights working through plots only an idiot would dream up, very few respect what I do, and let's be honest, the pay is actually money I dish out.

So... basically, I'm torturing myself for what? What motivates me? It must be something HUGE!
It's not.
It's something so stupid, that I've never admitted it to anyone except my sister, but if you keep reading, I might share it with you, since I'm in a confessing mood.

Every time I pretend I'm quitting, my husband sits me back at the computer and tells me to suck it up and do it. "Only way you'll fail is if you don't do it." He's right, but if this is what success feels like, I really should get out before it kills me.
I should.
But I won't.

I have no reason to write fiction. I get my fix at work-- writing reports, articles, grant requests... yeah booorrring.
I have no deadlines, I can quit tomorrow. (Not today. I have to get my MC out of a serious pickle first, can't leave him like that.)

Yet, here I am. Still writing, still as addicted as ever. Everyday. I won't quit tomorrow despite the threats, or the chances of overdosing.

Do you want the TRUTH? Why do I write?

This is my dirty secret--
Stephanie Meyers did an interview, and someone asked her why her characters were so hot.
She said, so nonchalant, "Because I wrote them that way."
Damn. I can't wait to say that to someone, all smug like that too. It'll be great!
That's it.
That's my secret.
That's my motivation. Sucks eh?
Bet you were hoping for some heroic reason, but nope, that's it.

Let me explain.
My books are full of silent themes, things I was happy to get off my chest, make others think about, rethink, but when I want to quit, deep down, it's that one moment I can't wait for, and it's really not like me to want something like this. In fact, I feel sinful just admitting it, but it's the push I need when I think, why???

It's so out of character for me. I don't search for self-validation, because I'm living the dream-- I write when I want, what I want, and I have everything a gal needs and more. Yet... Deep inside, I can't wait to say that.
It'll be the moment that says-- I did it, I made magic happen!

It'll mean, my world came alive for my readers, that they forgot it was something I spent years working on, editing, cutting, rewording, writing, and repeating in no specific order. Readers will actually want to meet the characters I created. It'll be my magical moment, when my superpowers will shine through.

Because I wrote them that way.
Damn. I can't wait.

Magic like that, is what life is all about.
I write because I love my world. It's full of magic, happiness, romance, and despite the horrible obstacles, it always turns out just the way I want.

When a reader says, "That was great, got another one?" .... oooohhh it's the push I need to keep my magical world alive. No one else will. When I stop writing, my world dies, my rush is over. The very idea make me sick.
Feel the magic? The power?

Why do you write? What motivates you, I mean really pushes you when it's 3 am and you know you should be sleeping? Be honest.


Charlie said...

I write because I love it. I admit it's kind of a lame answer, but it's true. If it annoyed me, I'd spend my precious free time doing something else.

E. Arroyo said...

I write to get lost.

Tanya Reimer said...

Exactly! Love it, get lost! You guys are awesome. LOL
Oh... it's so much fun to write!

Richard said...

Your reason for writing has to be the best there is. I enjoyed reading this post, because the topic is something I think about a lot.

Lisa said...

I write b/c I want to be the next Holden (Catcher In The Rye) and save all the innocent children from going off the cliff. I want teens to feel like they have someone who identifies with them. Someone who can in someway, lead them out of their own darkness if only for a few hours. Stupid? Maybe, but, it is my own reason!

Now, if I could only be published, have my writing out there for teens to see... That's my dream! : )

Linda Gray said...

I write for those delicious times I'm in the zone. It feels almost exactly like being in love.

Great post. Excellent topic to come to grips with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya -- followed you here from the first line contest. Lovely post. I write because I love it even when I hate it. ;)

Regina said...

I write for several reasons. First and foremost I am an insomniac and cannot sleep. When I do sleep, my Muse, Chaos takes over and fills my mind with tons of ideas. Too many to write all in one year for sure and she never stops. My mind doesn't shut off. I write because I am passionate about it and it takes me out of reality when I need a break.